Monday, September 11, 2006

move your stuff

I've been preparing for visitors. Bought a bed, several different sheet sets were bought and returned (has to be just perfect ya know). I don't like everything matching like sheets, cases, blanket, coverlet, curtains etc. In my house the rooms have to have character. When we moved in here the color of the spare room was ...interesting. Nothing I would have chosen that's for sure. Three walls were yellow oh, I don't know darker than butter. The feature wall was dark red. The adjoining bathroom was the same. The drapes were a shade darker yellow.I've never really worked with this combination for a bedroom before and I've been a pro decorator in my past.
So we bought a bed on Thursday, and I spent the weekend stuck in traffic searching for the sheets etc. Well I had a bed skirt that was gold and burned red that was a little bit medieval (my daughters) and matching shams. I found a coverlet that my husband "had to have" from Costco - that's been sitting on the shelf in the closet. It's sort of a celery color. And since my visitor is my mother, I pulled out the blanket that she bought last time she was here for herself to store here for the next time she came. It's floral yellow, reds and greens surprisingly. Ok so what kind of sheets would match this. I also have a dark gray textured look flat sheet that was just crying to be used. Amazingly I managed to put this assortment of misfit things together. I found some green shams in the back of the closet the pull it all together. And I finally found the sheet set. Gold, dark red and dark green on a burnished background stripe. Now whenever I come up the stairs its the first room I see. It's amazing how much joy a spare room "done-up" can bring one. I just need something on the walls and a chest of some kind.
I cleaned the carpets last night, and cleaned the bathrooms. Washed most of all the towels. I'm almost ready for the visitors. just need to bake a few things still.
About two weeks ago I fung shuied my Helpful hands sector and my career section. I figured "why not". My living room is in the helpful hands and the tv in sitting in the career section. What to do? I need silver and gray. I have a silver lamp with a gray shade, I bought some of those rattan balls and spray painted them silver stuck them into a pot and planted an ivy around them as a topiary. Stuck it in the corner on the side table. Then One day I was at Winners and spotted a small boudour pillow that was covered in silver sparkles. It looked good on the leather sofa so I went to the fabric store and bought some other silver thing for another pillow and so far only draped in over the existing brown pillow that was already resting on the sofa. "i'm lazy." I potted the ivy in a gray pot and then added another silver pot with some other plants. I drilled up a shelf over the couch and displayed a few gray and silver objects on it. and voila I think a did it. So then I concentrated on the career section. What can anyone do with a tv. So I moved all the components over to make some room on the entertainment stand and dug out some old ledgers of mine (from when I had a couple businesses) and my daughters textbooks from her business admin coarse. And stuck them under the tv behind the glass doors. The next day I got a call from a college about a possible job opening, someone willing to train blah blah blah. So I applied. And then two days later I got the job. Not bad. I'm to be a number cruncher, pencil pusher. Quick books. Actually I'm looking forward to it
The book, (I've bought several copies, because mine always goes missing) is Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life. I start next week. Everyone should have a copy of this book.