Friday, March 19, 2010


This blog kinda sucks, the design.... I should ask the stepson (who is a computer wiz) to redesign the thing for me. I wonder if he could do that without reading it hmmm. No one knows about this thing. I want to keep it that way. This is my private place to vent.


An update about the family dynamics around here. My daughter didn't move away,instead they all moved in with us. When she found she was pregnant again so soon before going back to work and not qualifying for unemployment ins. They sold their place and moved in here. And Xander was born end of Nov 2008. So now there are 4 adults, and 2 kids. It's been a trial, but seems to be working. I let my accounts go and stay home to watch the grandchildren. As of three week ago my husband is off on disability. The arrangement was working - we are living like imigrants, three generations in one house. Everyone should try it.

My stepsons marriage tanked in September last year. He discovered his (b*tch) wife was carrying on an online affair with this looser in the states for about a year. And his two children were aware of it. My stepson who had two jobs to support this b*tch (never worked a day of her life - how could she when she was so busy online all day long) was an emotional wreck. She moved out with the kids (used my minivan to move out) to her brothers. So one night he went online to and did a search in the same wyoming town as this looser lived and two days later is involved with a women from the same town. So he arranged to visit with her and took off. While he was gone the b*tch got into the house and sold most of his computer equipment and wi and sony play station and alot of other stuff. Over this visit he feel madly in LOVE. I tell you no one could make this stuff up. So he decided to sell the house and move to (town in wyoming) to be with the love-of-his-life. I come down with carpet cleaner, and other stuff. Couldn't believe the mess the b*tch left the place in. A pig sty does not do it any justice. We were in the middle of the clean up when the b*tch showed up and a war of words ensued. I couldn't help myself I said a few things, there was pushing and shoving and I sustained scratches and black and blue marks ( I just happened to have my camera - i was going to take pic's to list the house) so I took some pic's of my arms and made comments about child services and the state of the pig sty blah blah blah and she ran away. One of my prouder moments I gotta add. But the whole thing kinda freeked the step son and his new love-of-my-live insisted that he come "right now" "dangerous b*tch" blah blah blah. So he did and a week later before he could go on disablity for emotion distress (manulife already agreed to the whole thing for 6 months shorterm) his dick head manager fired him for being absent after working for the dickhead for 22 years, since he was 18 yrs old - i might add here. So he decided to stay with the love-of-my-life and get a green card etc. Meanwhile the house got taken by morgage company, no money from disability etc etc. The love-of-my-life supported his until he had to come back to canada last week. Because after filing the paperwork to stay permantly he had to leave. And quess were he is residing? Yes you got it, with all of us on the living room floor on a blow up mattress.

After talking with Unemployment Insurance with his handy note from the doc about distress etc they are paying him in lump sum from semptember to march. Yay and He did his income tax and got a nice refund. And applied to a job with the competition and is working in the next booth over at the airport. So we are 5 adults and 2 kids of 18 mnts and 30 mnths.

He will probably be here until mid april (we hope no longer) and my daughter is in the planning stages of the wedding in mexico in november. So we are a happy family of many generations and step children living in one house. It's a good thing we have a full finished basement and three bathrooms.

You should try it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

To-do list

I WILL FIND A CAST IRON FRYING PAN TODAY....and I will make candied ginger. I've already forgotten the third thing I was going to do today. But I'm sure it will come to me later. I have been eager to replace my long lost cast iron frying pan for years now. Today is the day. I'm sure of it. Now that I'm almost over this horrible, awful, cold from hell. I can actually make it out the door without horking and clearing my naval cavityies and blowing my nose. It's a lovely picture isn't it. But this thing has been going on now for almost 3 weeks. And I have had enough. ENOUGH. I have to get out of this house.