Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm sitting here in my pj's still - my coffee is getting cold.  My right wrist doesn't seem to be enjoying the double dose of aleve.  And neither are my three middle fingers on my left hand.
 That's sorta what's in my one was more shocked than me when I actually saw the thing in an xray during a follow up visit with the surgeon.  I could not believe that thing was in my wrist.  That was ...about 7-8 yrs ago.. I can't exactly remember.  I thought the pic of mine was lost to a hard drive that fried, but when I upgraded my phone last year and waited for things to upgrade on my sim card.  That particular pic flashed by on the screen.  But I don't know what file it may or may not be in.  Someday I will have to look around the files on the phone.  So that's what's in my wrist...due to a stupid day at work when the supplier delivered the wrong chicken order.  And I didn't notice until it was too late to do anything but chop up 100 thighs from the leg.  I was expecting 100 thighs.  and I got 2 boxes of  50 thighs connected to legs.  And there was only about 1/2 hr  to seperate the two.  I took a cleaver and just let-'er rip.  That was a Tuesday as I recall.  On Wednesday I woke up with a sore wrist.  By thursday as we were heading out of town on holidays I noticed my wrist was giving me grief everytime I reached for my coffee while I was driving.  Hmmm.
We returned to town and me to work the following week ...and it was another tuesday....a week later....I was working again...and chicken was on the menu...and wouldn't you just f..... know it?  The order was screwed up again.  And again I didn't check the boxes unthawing until it was too late.  So the cleaver was put into service again.  But this time I had to get the nurse on shift to fill out an incident report, cause I couldn't even hold my hand up, let alone move fingers or hold a pen.  I managed to rip out tendons and bone was on bone.  The spider thingy sits at the base of my thumb, to connect it to the rest of the wrist.  Apparently it sits exactly on the pressure point for MIGRAINS.  So when ever i massage the left pressure point for works eventually, but not so much the right one.  And surprise surprise....most of my migrains are on my left side so I used to massage the base of the thumb on the right hand to release my pressure and it usually worked, to releave some pain....but no so much anymore.  In fact migrains...and me...are very familiar.  And since the concussion its more a question of "when don't I have a headache" of one kind or another.  Anyway after the chicken incident and WCB etc....One kinda needs the use of a thumb on the right hand to cook for 100 3x's a day.
So much for cooking in a prof kitchen longterm care.
That's when I returned to bookkeeping about a year and a half later.  After much physio and an addiction to T4's that lasted waaaay to long. But I can't really spend too much time with a keyboard...not 8 yrs a day anyway.  Not to mention that my golf game has never been the same.  The two years I didn't/couldn't play.  Then the six months (during golf season) wearing a brace...There was no joy left after having to accomadate the wrist. It's just never been the same on the golf course.  That was the hardest part of the whole thing.  I used to play 3x's a week at least.  Now it's one or twice a year...and how can anyone enjoy that.

So then...the other day I was pulling the garage door down as I was leaving the old place because the automatic door opener was not manual it was.  But I grabbed the wrong thing...or else it rolled down to fast...but my fingers on the left hand were in the way.  And needless to say I thought I managed to cut of the fingers at the nail.  I was in such shock from the pain of the panels catching my fingers as the door rolled down.  I quickly rolled it back up and ...thank god there was no blood squirting anywhere.  The fingers apparently are very resiliant to crushing.  It's a good thing I suffer from a concusion since xmas (strange thing to actually say) because I just happen to always have a supple of xtra strength migrain med's in my purse.  I quickly downed two of them with some probably two day old coffee in the cup holder.  Because I had to drive 25 km with a buggered up hand, and as it would happen a buggered up wrist from over packing heaving things most of that day.  I didn't help that I was alone. So fingers on the lefts hand, wrist on the right hand.....

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Here's my "little hamburger helper"  ...Yes I did eventually go to the damn market.  And Stew meat was half the price of extra lean ground. (not that I ever buy extra lean....just usually lean does fine).  So the plan was to grind up half of it for dinner.
It was soooo lean that I had to add olive oil just to brown it right.  I should have weighed it before it was browned because there was no difference in volume after it was all browned...or so it seemed.
In order to clean the grinder thing I decided to grind up the garlic and onion at the end as well.

I added a good shot of balsamic and lea & perrins.  I should have added more garlic and maybe two onions through the grinder instead of just the one would have added more time for sure

I added two different bottles of remainders of red wine probably about 1  1/2 cups to deglaze the pot.

I added these....didn't have any diced tomatoes.  All of them are in storage for some reason.  But this worked just fine.  Next time i would add more spices.
I shredded up a zucchini and added a large handful of cheddar cheese as well.  Next time I will use a more flavourful cheese maybe, or else use less ground beef and add cottage cheese that's been drained.  Then I added all the pasta.  The directions on the back of the pkg cooking time was 18 min.  Wow 18 min for pasta......and the recipe said to precook half of the time.  So I did.  But next time.....I will only precook pasta for about 7 min. It wasn't overcooked at 9, but will prob hold up a little better after the oven.

I also didn't have a 9 1/2 inch springform pan, only an 8 1/2 was available...the rest in storage.  So I lined a lasagna pan with parchment (for quicker clean-up, as for any other reason).  By the time I transfered everything over.  It was brimming the top.  I was going to take some out into a smalled container but I just threw in sheet underneath in case of dripping.  But I didn't really have to cause it never boiled over.  maybe the bread crumbs on top prevented that...I don't know.  But it would have been a clean oven without the sheet.  I put it into a 350 oven and hit the speed bake button, (convection)  and just let it cook for about 3/4 of an hour or so.  I really can't remember.  I just let it brown nice.

My phone wasn't handy for a pic ...I suspect one of the g'kids was playing games on it.  So this rather ugly pic is all I have of the finished product.  This was what was left after the brown baggers left the house.  I tasted it for seasoning purposes.....It was lacking.  

Maybe if I had reduced the ground beef and added a crt of cottage cheese or used a sharper cheese, or added more garlic onions and spices definitly some hot sauce or chili paste.  I don't know why I didn't concider that pasta sucks up all the time I will add more flavour. When I have my lunch i will prob add some HP sauce to my plate.
I could have added some chopped up spinach....I had a fresh container.  I could have added some butter nut squash puree, I had a handful of chopped squash in the fridge.  But I didn't.  Preferring to mayyyyybe do a recipe originally for a change.  But next time...

But was a new discovery and I will be replacing the pasta next time I venture into an italian market.

The reason I put the pasta into my basket in the first place ....I though I would try to make spaghetti O's from scratch ...still going to try that.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I was going to take the day off from the packing thing...but I left my reading glasses on the counter of the old place.  So I'm going to have to go back after all today.  Maybe I'll remember to spray the oven this time before I leave.

The long weekend is over and everyone made it home safe and sound.  Apparently there was a huge convoy of vehicles going to and from the same area.  Miles and miles of vehicles all following each other.  Thank goodness I had a house to pack up or otherwise I might have been in the massive line up as well.

Just before they got back into the city limits I sent a text to my daughter to buy a box of oatmeal before getting home, so that I could make the kids some b'fast without too much brain power being used.  Well they came in the door with luggage and grocery bags and the mentioned box of oatmeal.  But I don't know what else was in the grocery bags.....cause after taking a view of the fridge this morning to check out the possibilities for supper.  I found what was in there before the shopping.   Grrrrr

And I REFUSE to go to the market today.  F......that.

So this is what I have to work with

-1 zucchini
block of cheddar cheese
-10 eggs
3/4 of a pound of bacon
-some asapagus
- 1/2 box of tubetti pasta (that I bought for the minestrone last week)
-2 roma's

and I noticed this stuff, and figured maybe I'd give it a try for something.
We also have a carton of chicken broth, couple cans of tomato sauce, potatoes. head of cauliflower.  Everything but some meat.

Should I make a big pot of cream of cauliflower and bacon?
Should I make some casserole thing with baby like penne (some other thing I found while on the hunt in the italian market last week)?

Maybe a pasta salad?
or something with orzo?

This looks good....but I have no gorgonzola to crumble....but I do have some spinach and there might even be some dried cranberries somewhere....I remember buying some for cookies and not using them up

I probably have enough zucchini  to make zucchini pie, that's always a fav of everyone.  Maybe just add some bacon.

Then I googled "Anelli Siciliani"  ---that weird pasta that I've never seen before that I purchased last week.
and this is what I came up goodness
doesn't this look interesting.
Baked Anelletti

I quickly pinterested it

Of coarse I will substitute zucchini for egg plant .....bleeeeck to egg plant
and no ground beef so bacon chunks will have to do.
...maybe I'll throw in some cauliflower puree....or butternut squash puree.....
...or maybe I will have to make a trip to the stupid market for some ground beef.

Though I haven't got a clue what "1 ½ tbsp tomato estratto" ...
tomato estratto....never heard of it

Well I guess the food content in this place isn't that dire after all, except for the lack of MEAT, I seem it have lots of veg at my disposal.

So the plan for dinner:

baked Anelletti with ceasar salad.
The jury is still out on weather there will be any beef in it or not.  I will have to see what kind of mood i'm in when I take the trip to kindergarten drop-off.  .....although the picture sure makes one want to
add the beef....... hmmmmmm.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I hate moving....and unpacking.
I would just love to be able to pack as much as I can get in the van in one trip ....and throw a lit match in the doorway as I'm leaving.

There is probably more stuff in the dumpster than in the storage unit.

my husband will probably have a heart attack when he realizes what I' ve done to so much stuff.  But it felt so good to tip so much into the dumpster.  

So upstairs is done
main floor is done - except for the cleaning of the oven, should be done today
now it's for the basement and the garage....but there's not much so shouldn't take to many trips to the storage unit. I wonder if I should weigh myself today before I start cause all those trips up and down the stairs should  maybe do something to reduce my butt.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not bad for only the second day on skates.  Even I was impressed.  Though there is more running on skates than actually skating on skates.  It's close enough.

I never knew the city had a "skate program" ....A trailer shows up at the schools and any kids without skates gets to pick a pair out of the trailer and a helmut and spend three days on an outdoor rink.  In my travels around the city lately I've noticed several long rows of kids walking with skates and helmuts to outdoor rinks.     It's a great program.  And the skates are amazing.  I don't think I've ever seen such hard skates that allow the kids to skate immediatly.  They are impossible to bend once on the feet, so it's impossible not to be able to stand up.

I actually purchased a pair of figure skates for her a while ago at a garage sale, but she couldn't stay up with them on, so I wandered over to the trailer and got a pair that all the other girls were using, and low and behold ...she was up and skating.  They paired the kindergarteners with grade 5 and 6's.  So there was added pressure to fit in fast.  And it seems to work.  There were no frames around for the beginners to even use.  It was ...get up...and skate.

I'm so proud of how she just barrels into groups of older kids.  No fear.  That's my girl.
Maybe next time she should take a hockey stick on the ice with her.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winter Minestrone---courtesy Ina Garten...somewhere ...originally

It's not a pretty picture...I know - but it's all I really have.
I was reading some blog's and this soup caught my eye.  I don't know where I originally saw it though.
But it was inspired from Barefoot Contessa's latest book.  Winter minestrone I think it's called.

I just googled it and there it was 

So I spent tuesday trolling through italian markets to find the pasta

and while I was there purchased some pancetta.  But I figured I'd make a bigger pot of soup so I bought 6+ ounces instead.  Some fresh garlic and canned Italian diced tomatoes. I spotted some fresh focaccia bread so I bought a fresh bottle of balsamic so that I could smoosh the focaccia into some balsamic and olive oil with the soup.  ( I should have bought two's been a while since we had it so we all pigged out and were depressed when it was all gone).

I diced up the pancetta, browned it all up.  Added two large onions, 6 garlic, about 5 or 6 veins of celery. Sauted that all up.  There was a package of butternut squash already peeled and cubed so I cut it up a bit smaller cubes, and also about 6 carrots.  Dumped in some balsamic and lea&perrins for good measure and pepper.  I poured the liquid from the tomatoes into a pan and less than half of the diced tomatoes to fry it up a bit (I hate the taste of tomatoes that haven't been fried up a bit)  Since there is one adult in this combined household that has an avertion to seeing actual tomatoes floating around in anything I pulverized the rest with an imersion blender and then added it to the frying pan with the rest.  There was a yam leftover from the night before so that was smooshed into the tomatoes as well as some salt and red pepper flakes.  That was all heated up and fried up somewhat.  Then was added to the veg in the pot with about 4 different containers of broth that were in the fridge.  Two were beef broth and two were chicken broth.  All together there was probably just under three containers.  I was also boiling up about a handful of cannelli beans in another pot because the canned beans were just too mushy ...and being a bean hater...I figured I'd make my own.  I threw in a couple 3 bay leaves and squirted some chili paste and a good swig of bragg's. I spotted a container with sauted green beans from the night before, so I threw them in as well.  Probably about 1/2 cup cut up green beans.

I turned the heat off while the beans were doing their thing in their own pot and added them to the soup after they were ready.

I cooked the pasta seperate from the soup pot. When it was ready, it was drained in a sieve and I added a big glob of butter and stirred it up.  It was added to the pot just prior to reheating the soup for dinner. When the soup came to a boil I threw in some chopped up spinach and a big glob of pesto. I still can't believe my good fortune finding a big bag of frozen homemade pesto from summer languishing in the back of my daughters freezer.

I smeared some olive oil over the focaccia bread and wrapped it up in foil - threw it into the oven.

Dinner was served

My g'daughter looked at it...and inquired if that "green stuff" was spinach.
-Yes it is
-But baba I hate spinach
-well baba hates spinach too and beans (i picked out a bean and showed it to her), but everything else in here sure does taste good.
-okkkkkay I will try it

she ate the whole bowl and requested more.

That's the secret to non mushy pasta in minestrone.  Cook it seperately from the soup and then after dinner get it in the fridge to cool down quick.  This morning I poured in about 1/2 a container of broth and a good swig of bragg's into the leftover container before it was taken for lunches.

And I've had a sudden craving for tortellini and stinky salad for dinner.  And I swore that I would not go into a grocery store again this week.  But there is no feta cheese, no cuc's, or tortellini either.  And we're all going to want some more of that facoccia bread again.  I wonder how much I will spend today.  Crap ....I'm beginning to really hate the food markets.

I can't believe this cost me $40.  What is going on with the cost of food these days.  I think we need a raise.

Monday, February 04, 2013

I think it's safe to say...I'm in a pissy mood this morning...and probably have been all weekend.

I finally got the bug that has evaded me all season.  And---I gotta say, If ever there was a sore looser in the germ's me.  I hate being sick, I hate being around sicko' one can imagine that I'm not the best person to be around when I'm sick.  Unless you have my med's for me, juice with lots of lemon in it, kleenex,  or a glass of wine.  Otherwise stay-the-hell-away-from-me.

I toke my g'son to the clinic friday morning as he had a really high fever thursday nite, and woke up with another just to nip this thing in the bud for the weekend, I thought it was prudent to get his ears and throat checked out.  But by the time we got our names called (walk-in clinic) I asked them to add my name and gave them all my medical info, cause in the hour we were there I got some germ from hell that had finally caught up with me.  In fact i think I have two different ones. Flu and Strep. Ends up the g'son was just fine. but I have strep.  Well, I self diagnosed it.  The doc stuck a swab down my throat and then a light and proclaimed it might just be a virus...give it a couple days.  "are you effing kidding me, does he really think I have the time or even the inclination to do this sitting around in a room full of sicko's anytime soon, with a cranky g'child to care for?"  All I can say is, thank god there were many stupid games on my cell phone to accupy his time.  I told him ...the doc ... that I've had strep many times before and know exactly how it feels and I don't need a lab to tell me I have it, so give me the med's and I won't use your name in vain all weekend.  Cause nobody wants that.

He looked at me kinda weird like I was going to hex him or something. Which of coarse if I could I would have. But he handed over the persc and I left.

What I should have done...but didn't is get a big bag of lemons and limes and juice the suckers and drink it all day.  But for some reason I didn't.  And today I would probably be feeling a whole lot better if I had.  Too much on my mind with the move and all probably.

So I got the med's and even a bottle of super strenghth Advil ...not the cold/flu one. Just the reg.  Should have got the cold flu one.  Took a double dose of the antibiotic and double the super duper advil.  And felt better for a bit.

Saturday was a beautiful day wasn't it?.    There were people walking around in shorts.  We got our butts out of the house kinda late for getting breakfast out, but managed for Lunch.  Drove around...trying to decide.  Settled on Montana's.  Sat down,...first mistake - ordered booze before previewing menu.  Wow the prices...for lunch for heaven sake.  The riblets on the app's weren't there.  The other prices were like $5 more per item than they should have been.  And no.....there was no lunch menu on Saturdays...."use a bad word here,,,,any one you want....starting with an FFFFFF"

what to do....what to do.....
suck it up...that's what
order my ceasar....I don't care that I'm taking antibiotics...I'm gonna order..and drink a ceasar with lunch...I don't care what the label on the bottles says.

and when I'm ordering a drink...server.....don't walk away as I'm talking...It might reflect on your stupid tip.  Wait until I'm finished...cause I don't want any old Ceasar...I WANT IT MY WAY....If I'm paying $7 bucks for it...It's going to be way

...tall glass on the side (cause I don't want 3/4 of my glass swimming in ice, thankyouverymuch)
...half clamato juice, half ginger. (yes you read it right...that's the way you better bring it..and don't roll your eyes at me.  just make the damn thing and bring it ....quick)

...waiting for my ceasar

Hummed and hawed.....waiting an awful long time

Finally.....she brought my drink
ordered fish and chips ( I know....why?????  Never order seafood in a meat restaurant.  But I didn't see anything else I wanted.   Why are we even here again?   This is what happens when you don't eat breakfast. or even have a cup of coffee and it's 11:45.

My husband ordered....or better I ordered for him.  Cause he never knows what he wants.
The baby back platter.  Didn't check the price beforehand.  Hmm

Took a swig of my drink....blekkkkk

what the f.... h.....lll

It tasted like crap.  Like the clamato was sitting out all night on the counter or something.

My fish was the worst fish and chips I think I've ever eaten
I was soooo pissed I didn't even swipe one of my husbands ribs...preferring to think they might suck too.

We paid the bill and vowed never to return again.  What happened to this place anyway, $50 for lunch.......

We still had an hour and ahalf  to kill before the show.  It's a good thing we were in and around many outlets.  I haven't had any retail therapy in ages.  Just ages

My husband got annoyed and bought a paper and slunk off into the car.  Good.....I prefer to get my therapy alone anyway.

I noticed a London Drugs past the theatre so we went and got our movie supplies there.  Haven't been to one in ages.

God....I hate theatre concessions.  AFter buying our muchies at the drug store...I bought a small bag of popcorn and two drinks. $15.  What theatre doesn't have coffee anyway.  Still no coffee for me yet and it was well after 3, I hate fountain drinks. they always taste like swamp water.  I didn't notice the price until I was going over our bank account a day later.  That really pissed me off.  I don't know why I never noticed it.




I just knew it.

All those cia dicks.  Couldn't get the job done without a woman.  What else is knew.  And how many days did it take for heavens sake?

Anyway.....the lead character was a dead ringer for my youngest daughter....that was really weird.  I kept picturing my daughter in this scenario.  It was kinda creapy.  But my daughter is kinda "a bad ass"  so the character accessment was spot on.

I'm going to have to get the book from the library now.  cause I kinda missed a few things....Probably blowing my nose and hacking and coughing...snorting

just what does "ubl" stand for anyway.  b for bin...L for laden?  then what the heck is the "u" stand for.  it was driving me crazy during the movie....and my husband was no help what so ever.  He didn't have a clue either. maybe it was the flu that did me in.  My brain was under attack after all

and why the title....did I miss something?

zero ...dark....thirty?

zero....? no clue
dark....well it was dark during the that it?  I don't know doesn't seem that that could be that simple
thirty....where there 30 navy seals?  Is that it?  damn....

I'm going to have to order the book...that's for certain.  But who has time to read when your in the moving process?  Maybe I'll just go see it again.  But those torture scenes were troublesome.  I don't think I want to see those again.

My son downloaded the whole thing.   And he doesn't get the whole...that looks like your sister thing.  But he hasn't seen her in awhile.  WE actually argued about it awhile.....yes she she doesn't....yes she she doesn't...YES SHE DOES

What does he know anyway.
Well he does know the download site.  But that's about it.  Maybe I'll watch it in his livingroom when we go to visit long weekend this month.  Yay for family day.