Monday, February 04, 2013

I think it's safe to say...I'm in a pissy mood this morning...and probably have been all weekend.

I finally got the bug that has evaded me all season.  And---I gotta say, If ever there was a sore looser in the germ's me.  I hate being sick, I hate being around sicko' one can imagine that I'm not the best person to be around when I'm sick.  Unless you have my med's for me, juice with lots of lemon in it, kleenex,  or a glass of wine.  Otherwise stay-the-hell-away-from-me.

I toke my g'son to the clinic friday morning as he had a really high fever thursday nite, and woke up with another just to nip this thing in the bud for the weekend, I thought it was prudent to get his ears and throat checked out.  But by the time we got our names called (walk-in clinic) I asked them to add my name and gave them all my medical info, cause in the hour we were there I got some germ from hell that had finally caught up with me.  In fact i think I have two different ones. Flu and Strep. Ends up the g'son was just fine. but I have strep.  Well, I self diagnosed it.  The doc stuck a swab down my throat and then a light and proclaimed it might just be a virus...give it a couple days.  "are you effing kidding me, does he really think I have the time or even the inclination to do this sitting around in a room full of sicko's anytime soon, with a cranky g'child to care for?"  All I can say is, thank god there were many stupid games on my cell phone to accupy his time.  I told him ...the doc ... that I've had strep many times before and know exactly how it feels and I don't need a lab to tell me I have it, so give me the med's and I won't use your name in vain all weekend.  Cause nobody wants that.

He looked at me kinda weird like I was going to hex him or something. Which of coarse if I could I would have. But he handed over the persc and I left.

What I should have done...but didn't is get a big bag of lemons and limes and juice the suckers and drink it all day.  But for some reason I didn't.  And today I would probably be feeling a whole lot better if I had.  Too much on my mind with the move and all probably.

So I got the med's and even a bottle of super strenghth Advil ...not the cold/flu one. Just the reg.  Should have got the cold flu one.  Took a double dose of the antibiotic and double the super duper advil.  And felt better for a bit.

Saturday was a beautiful day wasn't it?.    There were people walking around in shorts.  We got our butts out of the house kinda late for getting breakfast out, but managed for Lunch.  Drove around...trying to decide.  Settled on Montana's.  Sat down,...first mistake - ordered booze before previewing menu.  Wow the prices...for lunch for heaven sake.  The riblets on the app's weren't there.  The other prices were like $5 more per item than they should have been.  And no.....there was no lunch menu on Saturdays...."use a bad word here,,,,any one you want....starting with an FFFFFF"

what to do....what to do.....
suck it up...that's what
order my ceasar....I don't care that I'm taking antibiotics...I'm gonna order..and drink a ceasar with lunch...I don't care what the label on the bottles says.

and when I'm ordering a drink...server.....don't walk away as I'm talking...It might reflect on your stupid tip.  Wait until I'm finished...cause I don't want any old Ceasar...I WANT IT MY WAY....If I'm paying $7 bucks for it...It's going to be way

...tall glass on the side (cause I don't want 3/4 of my glass swimming in ice, thankyouverymuch)
...half clamato juice, half ginger. (yes you read it right...that's the way you better bring it..and don't roll your eyes at me.  just make the damn thing and bring it ....quick)

...waiting for my ceasar

Hummed and hawed.....waiting an awful long time

Finally.....she brought my drink
ordered fish and chips ( I know....why?????  Never order seafood in a meat restaurant.  But I didn't see anything else I wanted.   Why are we even here again?   This is what happens when you don't eat breakfast. or even have a cup of coffee and it's 11:45.

My husband ordered....or better I ordered for him.  Cause he never knows what he wants.
The baby back platter.  Didn't check the price beforehand.  Hmm

Took a swig of my drink....blekkkkk

what the f.... h.....lll

It tasted like crap.  Like the clamato was sitting out all night on the counter or something.

My fish was the worst fish and chips I think I've ever eaten
I was soooo pissed I didn't even swipe one of my husbands ribs...preferring to think they might suck too.

We paid the bill and vowed never to return again.  What happened to this place anyway, $50 for lunch.......

We still had an hour and ahalf  to kill before the show.  It's a good thing we were in and around many outlets.  I haven't had any retail therapy in ages.  Just ages

My husband got annoyed and bought a paper and slunk off into the car.  Good.....I prefer to get my therapy alone anyway.

I noticed a London Drugs past the theatre so we went and got our movie supplies there.  Haven't been to one in ages.

God....I hate theatre concessions.  AFter buying our muchies at the drug store...I bought a small bag of popcorn and two drinks. $15.  What theatre doesn't have coffee anyway.  Still no coffee for me yet and it was well after 3, I hate fountain drinks. they always taste like swamp water.  I didn't notice the price until I was going over our bank account a day later.  That really pissed me off.  I don't know why I never noticed it.




I just knew it.

All those cia dicks.  Couldn't get the job done without a woman.  What else is knew.  And how many days did it take for heavens sake?

Anyway.....the lead character was a dead ringer for my youngest daughter....that was really weird.  I kept picturing my daughter in this scenario.  It was kinda creapy.  But my daughter is kinda "a bad ass"  so the character accessment was spot on.

I'm going to have to get the book from the library now.  cause I kinda missed a few things....Probably blowing my nose and hacking and coughing...snorting

just what does "ubl" stand for anyway.  b for bin...L for laden?  then what the heck is the "u" stand for.  it was driving me crazy during the movie....and my husband was no help what so ever.  He didn't have a clue either. maybe it was the flu that did me in.  My brain was under attack after all

and why the title....did I miss something?

zero ...dark....thirty?

zero....? no clue
dark....well it was dark during the that it?  I don't know doesn't seem that that could be that simple
thirty....where there 30 navy seals?  Is that it?  damn....

I'm going to have to order the book...that's for certain.  But who has time to read when your in the moving process?  Maybe I'll just go see it again.  But those torture scenes were troublesome.  I don't think I want to see those again.

My son downloaded the whole thing.   And he doesn't get the whole...that looks like your sister thing.  But he hasn't seen her in awhile.  WE actually argued about it awhile.....yes she she doesn't....yes she she doesn't...YES SHE DOES

What does he know anyway.
Well he does know the download site.  But that's about it.  Maybe I'll watch it in his livingroom when we go to visit long weekend this month.  Yay for family day.


Sherry said...

u = usama maybe? Depends on how they spell it I guess

Sherry said...

u = usama maybe? Depends on how they spell it I guess