Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I was going to take the day off from the packing thing...but I left my reading glasses on the counter of the old place.  So I'm going to have to go back after all today.  Maybe I'll remember to spray the oven this time before I leave.

The long weekend is over and everyone made it home safe and sound.  Apparently there was a huge convoy of vehicles going to and from the same area.  Miles and miles of vehicles all following each other.  Thank goodness I had a house to pack up or otherwise I might have been in the massive line up as well.

Just before they got back into the city limits I sent a text to my daughter to buy a box of oatmeal before getting home, so that I could make the kids some b'fast without too much brain power being used.  Well they came in the door with luggage and grocery bags and the mentioned box of oatmeal.  But I don't know what else was in the grocery bags.....cause after taking a view of the fridge this morning to check out the possibilities for supper.  I found what was in there before the shopping.   Grrrrr

And I REFUSE to go to the market today.  F......that.

So this is what I have to work with

-1 zucchini
block of cheddar cheese
-10 eggs
3/4 of a pound of bacon
-some asapagus
- 1/2 box of tubetti pasta (that I bought for the minestrone last week)
-2 roma's

and I noticed this stuff, and figured maybe I'd give it a try for something.
We also have a carton of chicken broth, couple cans of tomato sauce, potatoes. head of cauliflower.  Everything but some meat.

Should I make a big pot of cream of cauliflower and bacon?
Should I make some casserole thing with baby like penne (some other thing I found while on the hunt in the italian market last week)?

Maybe a pasta salad?
or something with orzo?

This looks good....but I have no gorgonzola to crumble....but I do have some spinach and there might even be some dried cranberries somewhere....I remember buying some for cookies and not using them up

I probably have enough zucchini  to make zucchini pie, that's always a fav of everyone.  Maybe just add some bacon.

Then I googled "Anelli Siciliani"  ---that weird pasta that I've never seen before that I purchased last week.
and this is what I came up

...my goodness
doesn't this look interesting.
Baked Anelletti

I quickly pinterested it

Of coarse I will substitute zucchini for egg plant .....bleeeeck to egg plant
and no ground beef so bacon chunks will have to do.
...maybe I'll throw in some cauliflower puree....or butternut squash puree.....
...or maybe I will have to make a trip to the stupid market for some ground beef.

Though I haven't got a clue what "1 ½ tbsp tomato estratto" ...
tomato estratto....never heard of it

Well I guess the food content in this place isn't that dire after all, except for the lack of MEAT, I seem it have lots of veg at my disposal.

So the plan for dinner:

baked Anelletti with ceasar salad.
The jury is still out on weather there will be any beef in it or not.  I will have to see what kind of mood i'm in when I take the trip to kindergarten drop-off.  .....although the picture sure makes one want to
add the beef....... hmmmmmm.

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