Monday, October 25, 2010

something out of a can.....

Dinner today....something out of a can, something out of a box....and meat.

two guesses.


give up....

peaches and cream niblets, kraft dinner, pork chops.....very yellow meal.
But the saving grace is that i poured in some vermouth into the sauce to deglace for the pork chops. Although i only had a small piece of chop, (had salad only) it did get raves from those that ate.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend, yaaaaay

So I made some cream of broc soup. I added vermouth just before the milk, and after the rue. It was wonderful. I tell you a good thing.

So I'm sitting here it's now just a bit past 8PM and I can't keep my eyes open. Litteraly nodding off. for the last couple days it's all I can do to stay away after 4PM. This evening I've got an empty cocktail glass bedside me - but that surely cannot be the cause of said drowsiness. ITS ONLY ONE GLASS.

A wierd thing happened to me the other day that I can't get over just yet. It's actually driving me out of my ever loving it is.

It was a friday afternoon and I was walking towards the exit in a small mall and I happened by a jewelry store, and I was admiring the rings in the window. There was a display of family rings. Now I never admire jewelry - its just not my thing. But someone I know is in the market for a family ring and for some reason i looked at them. Then as I was walking away from the window display I looked at my finger.....where MY FAMILY RING usually resides aaannnnddd.......WTF WHERE IS MY RING.......??????

WTF... where the heck is it. I don't remember taking it off. I never take off my wedding band or my family ring unles I'm experiencing some wierd blotting of my hands but that hasn't happened for ages and its supposed to be RIGHT THERE.....
by the time I drove home I was kinda frantic. I checked the bathroom counters and all my containers of stuff, dumped everything everywhere and shuffled around it. no where......
I wracked my brain.....
when did I take it off? why did I take it off? ..... nothing...a blank
A few weeks ago I was running through an airport standing in line for security. The stupid thing kept beeping, had to take practically everything off....maybe....but no don't remember taking it off. and if i did why is my band where it is. but my other one isn't. they where on the same finger......
maybe it's in a pocket somewhere.....It's got to be in a pocket of something....but what?????
this is making me crazy

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vermouth day 2

Bought a new pot one that I've always wanted - on sale half price. So I wiped the cob webs off my mastercard and went to the check out. I love my pot (too bad I didn't buy the damn thing for $10 @ that garage sale in the summer kicking myself for that stupid mishap).I washed it per instructions and preheated it and threw in onions celery lemons and the spiced up breasts (bone-in). Couldn't believe how fast and tender they cooked up. Strained the juices and poured in the vermouth boiled it down and poured the whole mess over the chicken that was now all boned. Lip smacking meal the baby sweet potatoes and the roasted broccoli. Great meal thanks to julie/julia's oldd blog site that I've been re-reading. Waiting for my copy from the library for mastering the art.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Someone gave me (well that would be sharon) a bottle of the stuff as a gift as a secret santa for xmas probably 5+ years ago. I've had it around even moved it from place to place. But never used it....why would someone give me a bottle of the stuff anyway. I figured i'd keep it around just in case someone ever said "what this drink needs is vermouth" and then I'd run down to my wine rack in the basement and "ta da".
So far that hasn't happened.

Then...for some reason I've become obsessed with the Julie/Julia project, I've read the book, seen the movie(actually have it recorded on PVR and sometimes....late at night when I can't's easier than finding the dvd(have that too) to stick in the machine) but i goggled something or other can't remember what, and the project came up on the search. so I've been reading it from day one. I gotta say it's taking along time to read the thing. And I've been downloading recipes that were hard to find on the internet until I found an easier site.

anyhoo,.. there is vermouth all over this book. so i dragged the bottle up, opened it, and declared to everyone...."we will finish this bottle....we will put it in everything that calls for god is my witness....

So I will let you know how it goes.....