Sunday, May 27, 2007

weight loss

I'm losing weight again. Pisser. I just bought a load of clothes in size 10. Some of which I really like, and now I'm down to 7/8. But I don't seem to be losing pounds but losing body fat. Can't be good. I'm always cold, have too many headaches. I have no energy. So the other day while grocery shopping I was scouting out the baked goods section. I even came home with a black forest cake. Figured this has got to be lots of calories. I only had one piece, I came home from work and cake... anywhere. My husband......Unfortunately I'm losing and he's gaining. He's eating all my FAT stuff. Instead of coffee I've been pouring in a pouch of chocolate with my coffee, now I don't want coffee any other way. I bought a tub of sour cream yesterday and plan on eating it with something today just to gain some weight. I was at costco yesterday and bought cookies that I've never tried. Boy are the ginger snaps goooood. I have to hide them otherwise they'll be gone by tomorrow.
The reason i was at costco was because I was searching for some ground turkey. We were watching foodtv on a saturday morning with our choco coffee and got the hankering for some meatballs for dinner. So four packages of ground turkey $20 (used half-although after rolling them and deciding my crock pot wouldn't fit that much I saved 10 meatballs for some spaghetti later this week). Chili sauce $4.29, tom sauce $1.25, had the other ingredients at home already. So in my estimation...pricey meatballs!!! So they better be good. Unfortunately they sucked BIG TIME. First I admit I added some bread crumbs into the meatball mix, and I even added some balsamic vinegar and lea and perrins. ( I don't know if I can ever cook anything without adding these two) They still tasted like sawdust. Very bland. Maybe I should have added some pesto, but I didn't.
As these meatballs were crocking away I made up a bunch of tuna melt and realized I didn't have any usable celery so off I went to the supermarket again, and was attracted by the pineapple display. So I thought, "what kind of sweat and sour meatball was I making-didn't have any pineapple in the recipe" Well I added some fresh, figuring It could only help. Well nothing helped this sauce. It was gross. And very soupy to boot. This recipe needs far too much tweeking. I don't mind trying something new and even having to go out of my way to make it, but it really pisses me off big time it the recipe doesn't work or taste like crap.
So it's be religated to a "container in the fridge". Hopefully my husband will eat it during the week so I won't have to deal with it.
And what is it about celery. I keep buying this stuff and using about two stalks and then next time it's a big pile of mush in the fridge. My vegetable crisper should be renamed the vegetable musher. So when i bought yet another stalk of the stuff for my tuna melt, I vowed to myself that I would use up this stalk come hell or high water. So that's my challenge for the week. There's eleven veins or whatever they're called left in the bag. Wouldn't it be great if celery was fattening. That would help.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Well the plants survived the snow, the tree out back is still deciding it appear. (the top is bent over). I've got alot of reading to do. A recond number of books that I reserved at the library were waiting for me this morning.
I picked up To Far From Home, last week and unfortunately haven't had much spare time to read it. It's eye opening to realize just how the space industry is running on out of date technology and out of date nuts and bolts. Why would anyone want to be an astronaut and have to deal with the short falls and screw ups. I need to take public transit in order to read. That's where I've found the time. Standing waiting for the bus, and riding the bus really moves those pages. And only puts about 1/2 hour on my commute.
I don't know where I will find the time to read, what with the two quilts I have to get going on (only one is semi completed). And my husband purchased pants that need to be hemmed up. Not to mention that I planned on doing some cooking this weekend. I need some left-overs.
So far I've made some sweat and sour meatballs, spaghetti and meatballs, tuna mix for tuna melts. I have half a baked ham sitting in the fridge just begging to get used for something other than sandwiches. I've just been slicing thin slices off and piling it up on a sandwich. I boiled it in root beer then smothered pomegranate molasses and mustard and brown sugar all over it before baking it. WOW sure is good.
I bought some ground turkey from costco, I hope the meatballs turn out good. That damn ground turkey is $$$.
It's time to taste the meatballs.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's almost June...really it is

this was taken on saturday, and I though THAT was a lousy day!!!

This is what I woke up to this morning. I couldn't believe it.

somebody remind me...why do I live here?

Monday, May 21, 2007

So much for global warming

Well here it is the second day of my garden and still it's raining, this morning it was snowing. It's May 21st for christ sake, Snow is not supposed to be allowed. I had to cover up with a garbage bag, the seeds I just planted yesterday. The poor tomatoe plants are shivering out there, I'm going to have to cover them up also, it's so darn cold out there. I can't believe it. Even the dog doesn't want to go out. She just stand at the door and turn around. I quess she thinks she can hold it a bit longer, till it's warmer maybe. She looks funny standing there, like she can't decide if it's worth it or not.

This is my fav planter so far this year. Let's just call "the purple planter" Next to all the light grey it looks wonderful, and the Hiliatrope smells wonderful in the evening. I've decided that my patio area this year has to either be purple, or it better have a fragrance.

Here's the "diaper cake" The picture doesn't do justice to the product. The top tier is newborn size, down to a larger size. Maybe once the packaging comes off.
There's face clothes, rattles, lotion, teething rings etc tied to the different tiers, it's quite the project.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The shower

Well the second shower was on Saturday. But officially I quess it was the first shower, as that one was canceled. So the second one became the first one. It was the "friends" shower. I almost finished the baby blanket, but not. So hopefully it will be finished for the "family" shower some time in June. I had to find something else to take to this shower so I went to a baby store. I haven't been to a baby anything store for years. Wow there sure is a lot of stuff to spend your money on. There's way too much choice. How does anyone make a decission of anything. Well I read about this thing called a timer. So I've been looking for one ever since, itzbeen . It's a male thing I would quess. I wonder how long it will be before the novelty of it will wear off. Anyway since I have two baby's coming I had to buy two of them.

But the best gift was called a "diaper cake". Since my camera isn't here right now, I can't include the picture. But believe me it was amazing. I had to order one for my son's shower. The friend that organized this shower did an amazing job. I think it's true what they say about new mothers and their ability to milti task. What an imagination she has. I remember when I was like that. I think one has to be stressed and busy in order to have a creative imagination. Maybe that's why I have no imagination any longer. I have no stress, and no children to worry about or keep me busy. Poor pitful me. I've been waiting 20 years for this.

I planted my beans and zuccini and tomatoes today. Now all I need is some of that global warming. I just watered them all in and quess what, the sky's opened up and that was before noon and it's still raining. Again my camera is out and no pictures. I'm kinda proud of my little garden. I'm expecting lots of green beans and will really be pissed it they don't grow to their expected potential.

Well I've got two weeks to year end at work, that ought to be fun. The inventory is really a joy. I've been out of my office for two weeks now, filling in for reception. I can hardly wait to be in my isolated little room. I never realized how nozy everyone is whenever I am doing anything financial, or whenever the cheque books are out. It doesn't help that my boss is so paranoid about keeping everything so secret.

My brothers manicure thing is finally a reality manicure plus we've been all waiting like forever for this thing. It should be a real winner.

My mother is planning on being in town for three weeks in June. She's helping my neice with babysitting while her nanny is on holiday back in the Philippines. My first reaction to this news is "she never did that for any of her own children" What gives. So I'm planning on delivering my serger over there and many different flannelette fabric so that she can make a pile of receiving blankets for my two grandchildren. That ought to keep her busy on her off hours.

The quests at the shower started a pool for the date and time of expected arrival. It was kinda funny, I've never been to a his and hers baby shower before. Who knew that guys could have such a sense of humor about babies, and pink fluffy things. I wonder how many of them went home and started on their own babies.

I'm reading a great book called Talking with my Mouth Full. REally enjoying it. I started reading I like you by Amy Sedaris but it got really old after about 1/4 of the way through. Can't see what the big deal is with all the publicity. Talking with my Mouth Full is a much better use of my time. I might even have to buy this book.