Monday, August 13, 2007

beans beans beans

Finally, my first picking of beans. I can hardly wait to cook them for lunch. I had to wait to be alone, so that I wouldn't have to share any. After all I only have the two bunches. I'm already anticipating it. yum.

Here's Linden Cole
Don't you just love those slippers
He's sooo cute

Here's both Brooklyn and Linden. What a difference 1 month makes in size. It was very cute hearing my son (with the 1 week old) telling my daughter (with the 1 month old) the merits of adding formula to breast milk, for the nightly feeding. I wonder how he's getting along now that his son is past the sleeping all day stage. I should phone them. I really miss the little guy. I think I've been spending too much time with Brooklyn. I usually go over every other day in the evenings to give her a bath and give my daughter some time to herself. Her partner has been working nights lately. She's been changing so much. I haven't seen her for three days now and I'm beginning to panic. I might be missing something.
We're planning on taking a trip this weekend to see our grandson. We are going to have to do some skill full conniving to get one or the other to live closer together to all of us or something. I don't think I'm going to be able to be away from any of them. This is going to be awful. How do people do it.
I've been busy making double of everything. Receiving blankets, baby quilts, play pen pads, crib sheets. My sewing maching has been getting quite the work out. Not to mention the bank account.
I'm sitting here in bed it's 3:30 pm and i've still got my pj's on. I've got the foodtv on the tv and the portable on my lap. I'm getting hungry. It's kinda one of those days. There's alot of things I should be doing. But I'm not. Maybe later.
Right now I have some beans to cook.