Thursday, July 26, 2007

I had a dream....

I had an interesting dream last night, just want to mention it just in case ....It was about an intersting products, that I think I would even enjoy

"CHOCOLATE PEPSI" I can even still picture the look of the can. Chocolate brown stripes and blue polka dots. Hmmmmmmmm.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

another baby

Well, he's here. Lyndon Cole - born early Thursday July 19. Cool. Two grandchildren a month apart. No pic's yet. I guess they're busy. It's as though someone had twins. Booklyn is a month old yesterday. I have to buy two of everything. One thing worked out well, the two baby quilts tops I put together years ago. ONe is for a girl and the other for a boy. So at least I don't have all that work to do, just have to quilt the darn thing before He gets to old.

We're planning on all taking a road trip on Tuesday to see the newest addition. And I"ve convinced by daughter to come along with her baby so that everyone back home can get a look at her as well.

My husband came down with pneumonia the other day, and he spend thursday coughing all
day, as he was getting out of bed in a fit of coughing, he threw his back out. The prescription medication for both cost me $300.00. Hey I've got baby stuff to buy medication is not in the budget. Pissed me off! Who gets pneumonia in the summer anyway. He came home from a trip on Monday with it. Not that I'm not sympathetic. But I just really hate being around my husband when he's sick. Let's just say "when I'm ever sick I'm on my own". He needs constant attention.
And why are tourists traveling when they're sick. Honestly stupid people or what - no consideration for the poor smuck they infect. It's like that dick head who went to Europe with his untreatable illness. That's one reason I hate being around people in crowds, I'm a bit of a germ-a-phobe.

Monday, July 02, 2007

busy, busy, busy

Brooklyn Haley Lark
June 20, 2007

6 lb
19 " long

what a cutie

I can't believe it's going to be two weeks already. So much hair, almost needs a barrette.
Now we're all waiting for Jason's. Shouldn't be too much longer, I say a week and another one will arrive.

I was madly quilting away a couple weeks ago, but now I seem to be on a break, too much. This is my first attempt at free style quilting, and I'm not sure I like it, too much ripping and starting over. You really need to get a rhythm going. And then you break a needle. Maybe later seeing as it's a day off.

The weather finally turned for the better, I think summer has finally arrived. It's about time. The rain was very depressing, it's as though I was living in Vancouver instead of drought prone Calgary.

My huge garden is doing well, I'm surprised. I quess all that soil prep was a good thing.
I can already taste the green beans. There's even a cucumber on the plant.
I need to stake the beans today.
So I suppose I should get out of bed.