Monday, November 12, 2007

Big Plans

Well here it is Rememberance Day Monday, and I had all these plans and it's now 5:30 and I've accomplished a whole lot of nothing so far. Not exactly nothing I have done two loads of laundry, but that's about it. I did manage to get dressed and take a shower, but that was primarily because I had Hot Friggin flashes ALL NITE LONG. But I haven't made it out of the bedrooom (except to drag the laundry down stairs, let the dog out for a pee and made some lunch, that I brought back upstairs) It's one of those "let's watch video" days. We put on Sicko and then half way through the movie I spent about an hour on the phone so by the time we got back to the movie, well there went the afternoon. So now we're watching Mr Brooks. I haven't decided if I like it or not. I only turned this thing on because I wanted to reserve a book from the library that I read about in the newspaper. Oh yeah, another thing I managed to do was read the morning paper while watching sicko. And doing the sudoko puzzle. My daughter is in Toronto this weekend so I emailed her the links to to the sites refering to toronto. Hopefuly she will get to at least one of the restaurants she recommends.

Oh geez look how dark it is outside already. I hate this time of year. I can't believe how fast this weekend has gone by. I quess I should let the dog out again I picture her sitting down there with her little back legs crossed.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Well I finally got my passport. Woohoo!!
I picked the coldest day to stand in line for an hour and a half. Not to mention the freeken wind chill factor. As I'm standing there freezing - I'm thinking " this would be a good time for my hot flashes to kick in". Not so lucky.
As I'm standing - in line - did I mention "freezing" yet... I"m also thinking "Steve Harper I don't need 1% taken of the GST what "I" need is more civil servants so that this line doesn't need to be so long. Given that it's been this long day after day after day after week after month. Maybe he should stand in line, see how his government policy really works.
I got in line at about 10:30 AM and my ever so helpful husband said "forget it he wasn't going to stand in any line in this weather blah blah blah..." So I"m thinking we could share the cold - you know - I'll stand here for 1/2 hour then he'll stand here for 1/2 while I warm up in the van. That was the plan. So I took the first 1/2 hour and about 10 minutes into it, my feet froze up, my nose wouldn't stop running. The wind........ ugh. So I called him up on the cell and asked him to bring me the blanket in the back of the van and some kleenex. About 10 minutes later and he still hasn't shown up with the stuff. So I phoned him again and this time was a little pissed and everyone in the line up overheard my angry conversation. There was a general consensous that men are all shit. So he finally shows up and then informs me that it's too cold for him (in the van) and he's going to leave and to call him when I get closer to the entrance. By this time I'm aclimatized to the cold and determined to stick it out. After all, I didn't want to whimp out in front of all other other suckers standing in the same line up as me. MOst of them where from out of town and had no choice. So I stayed. Let's just say that this is being posted here so that sometime in March when I want to go somewhere nice and warm (WITH OUT MY HUSBAND) Maybe a chick get away....I'll just scroll down to this and let him read this to remind him of the total ass that he was, and I shouldn't have any guilt when I pack my bags. I"ll be sure to send him a postcard.