Sunday, May 27, 2007

weight loss

I'm losing weight again. Pisser. I just bought a load of clothes in size 10. Some of which I really like, and now I'm down to 7/8. But I don't seem to be losing pounds but losing body fat. Can't be good. I'm always cold, have too many headaches. I have no energy. So the other day while grocery shopping I was scouting out the baked goods section. I even came home with a black forest cake. Figured this has got to be lots of calories. I only had one piece, I came home from work and cake... anywhere. My husband......Unfortunately I'm losing and he's gaining. He's eating all my FAT stuff. Instead of coffee I've been pouring in a pouch of chocolate with my coffee, now I don't want coffee any other way. I bought a tub of sour cream yesterday and plan on eating it with something today just to gain some weight. I was at costco yesterday and bought cookies that I've never tried. Boy are the ginger snaps goooood. I have to hide them otherwise they'll be gone by tomorrow.
The reason i was at costco was because I was searching for some ground turkey. We were watching foodtv on a saturday morning with our choco coffee and got the hankering for some meatballs for dinner. So four packages of ground turkey $20 (used half-although after rolling them and deciding my crock pot wouldn't fit that much I saved 10 meatballs for some spaghetti later this week). Chili sauce $4.29, tom sauce $1.25, had the other ingredients at home already. So in my estimation...pricey meatballs!!! So they better be good. Unfortunately they sucked BIG TIME. First I admit I added some bread crumbs into the meatball mix, and I even added some balsamic vinegar and lea and perrins. ( I don't know if I can ever cook anything without adding these two) They still tasted like sawdust. Very bland. Maybe I should have added some pesto, but I didn't.
As these meatballs were crocking away I made up a bunch of tuna melt and realized I didn't have any usable celery so off I went to the supermarket again, and was attracted by the pineapple display. So I thought, "what kind of sweat and sour meatball was I making-didn't have any pineapple in the recipe" Well I added some fresh, figuring It could only help. Well nothing helped this sauce. It was gross. And very soupy to boot. This recipe needs far too much tweeking. I don't mind trying something new and even having to go out of my way to make it, but it really pisses me off big time it the recipe doesn't work or taste like crap.
So it's be religated to a "container in the fridge". Hopefully my husband will eat it during the week so I won't have to deal with it.
And what is it about celery. I keep buying this stuff and using about two stalks and then next time it's a big pile of mush in the fridge. My vegetable crisper should be renamed the vegetable musher. So when i bought yet another stalk of the stuff for my tuna melt, I vowed to myself that I would use up this stalk come hell or high water. So that's my challenge for the week. There's eleven veins or whatever they're called left in the bag. Wouldn't it be great if celery was fattening. That would help.

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