Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vermouth day 2

Bought a new pot one that I've always wanted - on sale half price. So I wiped the cob webs off my mastercard and went to the check out. I love my pot (too bad I didn't buy the damn thing for $10 @ that garage sale in the summer kicking myself for that stupid mishap).I washed it per instructions and preheated it and threw in onions celery lemons and the spiced up breasts (bone-in). Couldn't believe how fast and tender they cooked up. Strained the juices and poured in the vermouth boiled it down and poured the whole mess over the chicken that was now all boned. Lip smacking meal the baby sweet potatoes and the roasted broccoli. Great meal thanks to julie/julia's oldd blog site that I've been re-reading. Waiting for my copy from the library for mastering the art.

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