Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not bad for only the second day on skates.  Even I was impressed.  Though there is more running on skates than actually skating on skates.  It's close enough.

I never knew the city had a "skate program" ....A trailer shows up at the schools and any kids without skates gets to pick a pair out of the trailer and a helmut and spend three days on an outdoor rink.  In my travels around the city lately I've noticed several long rows of kids walking with skates and helmuts to outdoor rinks.     It's a great program.  And the skates are amazing.  I don't think I've ever seen such hard skates that allow the kids to skate immediatly.  They are impossible to bend once on the feet, so it's impossible not to be able to stand up.

I actually purchased a pair of figure skates for her a while ago at a garage sale, but she couldn't stay up with them on, so I wandered over to the trailer and got a pair that all the other girls were using, and low and behold ...she was up and skating.  They paired the kindergarteners with grade 5 and 6's.  So there was added pressure to fit in fast.  And it seems to work.  There were no frames around for the beginners to even use.  It was ...get up...and skate.

I'm so proud of how she just barrels into groups of older kids.  No fear.  That's my girl.
Maybe next time she should take a hockey stick on the ice with her.

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