Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm sitting here in my pj's still - my coffee is getting cold.  My right wrist doesn't seem to be enjoying the double dose of aleve.  And neither are my three middle fingers on my left hand.
 That's sorta what's in my one was more shocked than me when I actually saw the thing in an xray during a follow up visit with the surgeon.  I could not believe that thing was in my wrist.  That was ...about 7-8 yrs ago.. I can't exactly remember.  I thought the pic of mine was lost to a hard drive that fried, but when I upgraded my phone last year and waited for things to upgrade on my sim card.  That particular pic flashed by on the screen.  But I don't know what file it may or may not be in.  Someday I will have to look around the files on the phone.  So that's what's in my wrist...due to a stupid day at work when the supplier delivered the wrong chicken order.  And I didn't notice until it was too late to do anything but chop up 100 thighs from the leg.  I was expecting 100 thighs.  and I got 2 boxes of  50 thighs connected to legs.  And there was only about 1/2 hr  to seperate the two.  I took a cleaver and just let-'er rip.  That was a Tuesday as I recall.  On Wednesday I woke up with a sore wrist.  By thursday as we were heading out of town on holidays I noticed my wrist was giving me grief everytime I reached for my coffee while I was driving.  Hmmm.
We returned to town and me to work the following week ...and it was another tuesday....a week later....I was working again...and chicken was on the menu...and wouldn't you just f..... know it?  The order was screwed up again.  And again I didn't check the boxes unthawing until it was too late.  So the cleaver was put into service again.  But this time I had to get the nurse on shift to fill out an incident report, cause I couldn't even hold my hand up, let alone move fingers or hold a pen.  I managed to rip out tendons and bone was on bone.  The spider thingy sits at the base of my thumb, to connect it to the rest of the wrist.  Apparently it sits exactly on the pressure point for MIGRAINS.  So when ever i massage the left pressure point for works eventually, but not so much the right one.  And surprise surprise....most of my migrains are on my left side so I used to massage the base of the thumb on the right hand to release my pressure and it usually worked, to releave some pain....but no so much anymore.  In fact migrains...and me...are very familiar.  And since the concussion its more a question of "when don't I have a headache" of one kind or another.  Anyway after the chicken incident and WCB etc....One kinda needs the use of a thumb on the right hand to cook for 100 3x's a day.
So much for cooking in a prof kitchen longterm care.
That's when I returned to bookkeeping about a year and a half later.  After much physio and an addiction to T4's that lasted waaaay to long. But I can't really spend too much time with a keyboard...not 8 yrs a day anyway.  Not to mention that my golf game has never been the same.  The two years I didn't/couldn't play.  Then the six months (during golf season) wearing a brace...There was no joy left after having to accomadate the wrist. It's just never been the same on the golf course.  That was the hardest part of the whole thing.  I used to play 3x's a week at least.  Now it's one or twice a year...and how can anyone enjoy that.

So then...the other day I was pulling the garage door down as I was leaving the old place because the automatic door opener was not manual it was.  But I grabbed the wrong thing...or else it rolled down to fast...but my fingers on the left hand were in the way.  And needless to say I thought I managed to cut of the fingers at the nail.  I was in such shock from the pain of the panels catching my fingers as the door rolled down.  I quickly rolled it back up and ...thank god there was no blood squirting anywhere.  The fingers apparently are very resiliant to crushing.  It's a good thing I suffer from a concusion since xmas (strange thing to actually say) because I just happen to always have a supple of xtra strength migrain med's in my purse.  I quickly downed two of them with some probably two day old coffee in the cup holder.  Because I had to drive 25 km with a buggered up hand, and as it would happen a buggered up wrist from over packing heaving things most of that day.  I didn't help that I was alone. So fingers on the lefts hand, wrist on the right hand.....

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