Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Mine have been all stuffed, transported and stacked into storage
These are the leftovers for my daughter to start with
The other day my g'daughter was in her k'garten line-up --- she just casually mentioned the pile of boxes in the dining room.  All of a sudden the dozen or so other 5yr olds in the lineup were recounting the time they moved.  I just love listening into conversations of 5 yr olds.  The things that they talk about are eye opening.  

The date for the big move has been tentatively set for week after Easter.  I figured out just the other day, it's been going on 7 years since I did the moving thing.  That's the longest we stayed at one address.  Who Knew! That was surprising.  

No wonder I had so much to throw into the dumpster.  That's way to long to stay in one place.  

Even with all the weeding out of broken furniture, mixing parts to furniture, piles and piles and more piles of clothes....the storage locker is stuffed to the rafters.  Trouble is....the stuff closest to the door is mostly 5 feet of junk.  It's always the dregs that are stacked up at the door.  The "good stuff" is usually the first in---the last out.  It's all the stuff you really could use some of right now...but no one can actually get to it until all the crap is dealt with first.  I'm getting real sick of my limited supply of clothing that I packed in the one suitcase for both of us.  (even though my husband cheated and snagged some of his "can't live without" clothing everytime he was allowed to go into the storage unit while stuff was still accessible).  And I promised myself I would not buy anything new until after everything was unpacked.  It's been a hard promise to keep.  I think quitting smoking was easier than staying away from retail outlets.  But so good. 

And there's going to be some "NEW RULES" afterwards...about all this potential new crap.  What I should have done was taken pictures of the 3x's I filled the dumpsters.  That would have been a good idea.  I still have to go clean out the dregs out of the garage from the old place.  But that's mostly destined for the dumpster as well.  

I'm planning on opting out of mail delivery as well.

I set up a new email for just snail mail substitutes.  I've kept old mail box for next month to monitor just what we actually receive in the mail.  It's been mostly junk and more junk for the last couple years.  

-no home phone (cell phones only)
-no mail delivery 

Mail delivery is a dinosaur anyway.  

It's kinda comical when I tell those that need my mailing address ...that we don't have's either email or nothing.  

Haven't had anyone refuse yet. Or say they can't comply.

we'll see........

my sister...the postmaster in a small community...said it can't be I have to prove that yes it can be done.  She always criticizes me that I use "self check-outs" at the supermarket...that I'm somehow eliminating someone's job.  I really don't care.  It's all about my convenience....

And....some businesses are like ghost towns.  No longer necessary.  And cost too much money in subsidies to keep around.  If businesses need mail delivery they should be paying for it.  I wonder how much tax $$$ could be saved.  

Well I'm going to do my part.  

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Sherry said...

I could do with some of those boxes now! I hate moving and our current place is up three flights of stairs so I hate it even more.