Friday, March 08, 2013


It's already March 8th.  I swear we're spinning around the galaxy faster.  I can't believe how time has been flying.  Do we age faster if the earth starts spinning faster.....I don't think I like that much.  Or do we look younger as we age faster......hmmm

Sunday was a pork shoulder ...fancied up with cider vinegar, onions, garlic something else my daughter threw on top when I wasn't looking.  It was okay, but we had a late start cause of a cookie making session.  It would have tasted better at a lower temp longer in the oven.  But it was okay.

Monday I roasted up 5 bone-in chicken breast and 6 thighs.  I wanted some chicken leftovers.

Tuesday made chicken chow mein.  Was one of the best.  Everyone was hording it for lunch the next day.  I found some hidden away in the fridge.  And just this morning I loaded a lunch container that someone had used yesterday that had visible chow mein residue into the dishwasher.  So there must have been more hidden away than I thought.

Wednesday was pasta chicken bake ...something I discovered on-line.  But she called it
Skillet Mac'n Cheese.  I didn't bake it in a skillet, but had to add more to feed 6 plus leftovers for lunches. So instead of 1/2 of a 500g pasta I used 300 g pasta and shredded up a chicken breast instead of the bacon (but next time if I use something other than the bacon called for I will add some bacon drippings, cause it was a little bland) .  I added about two handfuls of spinach, cut up and a zuccini shredded and 1/2 cup of butternut squash puree.  Dumped it all into a casserole dish and served it with spicy hot sausages.  So it's probably a good thing the pasta wasn't very spicy cause the sausages sure were.  I also sauted up a container of sliced mushrooms to add on top of each serving.  Cause if there's one thing I learned after watching Juia/Julie or is it Julie/julia??  Whatever.....It's "DON'T CROWD THE MUSHROOMS".  I have followed that rule ever since.  And discovered the reason I hated mushrooms is because no one ever cooked them properly.  I never add mushrooms into a dish before it's cooked....But add them after they are sauted/browned and after everything is cooked. On top...or on the side.  Use two frying pans or do it in batches.  It's worth it

Thursday was muffin meatloaf.  I added the remaining container spinach cut up in a chiffonade a grated carrot and the remaining butternut squash puree about 1/2 cup. And served them over rice.  There were three left last night.  But I had the remainder of the chicken pasta for breakfast this morning cause they were gone. I didn't use any mushrooms and I used a whole egg instead of eggwhites.  I added the final dregs of lea and perrins (to my detriment, cause I didn't have any for my bloody ceasar later, but when there isn't any l&p, it's amazing how a shot of Bragg's works pretty darn good, as long as you also add some lemon juice) and use a silicon muffic tin.  They get nice and brown and much easier to remove from the pan. Saute up the zuccini and carrot and spinach before adding to the ground beef and I used half ground beef and half ground pork.

So tonight it's going to be ......
Mac & Cheese pancakes.
As soon as I saw this recipe from Cook Fight  cookbook.  I knew we had to try it.  I'm going to make mac & cheese for lunch for the g'kids just so there will be leftovers to make the pancakes.  There's some nice pork sausages in the freezer that will go nicely with the pancakes for dinner.

And saturday....well I really should go to work..  I can imagine the stack of paperwork and receipts everywhere.  Now that everything has been removed from the house and garage, I can finally go to work.  I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to it.  So sick of the moving mode i've been in lately.  I've got a bit of a breather before moving into the new place a week after Easter.  I'm thinking I'll take the g'kids for a visit to B.C. over easter weekend so the adults here can start to process all the stuff here into boxes.  That way maybe I won't have to do any of it.  Here's hoping.......

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