Wednesday, March 13, 2013 for

Wedding in Cancun.

Despite a resort that blew up a week before everyone was scheduled to arrive
Despite a weeks anxiety about cancelled reservations, and rebooking everyone at several different resorts, cancelled reservations weren't cancelled after all.
Despite my credit card being cancelled due to suspicious use the day after the resort blew up and a new card not being issued until we arrived in Mexico
Despite a huge cell phone bill a month after we returned because our phones got hacked. (never never leave your country without a cell plan in place for specific country your planning on going go) and finally getting all charges dropped.
Despite resort being almost empty of vacationers (most were rebooked at other resorts) and the guest to employee ration being something like 1 guest to 10 employees.  No lineups anywhere is always a good thing.
....The wedding went on
....A good time was had by all.


Mrs Darling said...

Oh dear! But glad all went well in the end and it looks amazing; beautiful photo :)

fiftyfinally said...

I should know better, I've never been able to "plan" anything in advance. It's always best last minute or nothing.

Lous Lake Views said...

Fabulous shot! Lovely that it all came together in the end

Lynda Freebrey said...

What an idyllic place to be wed!