Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reasons to be cheerful...

1.  I got the afternoon I went to work.
It felt good to sort paperwork, slump over a keyboard for 5 hrs, fight with stupid quickbooks and reconcilation reports.....ooooh what joy

2.  I didn't have to make dinner.....when I got home after 7 - it was already prepared....yay. Not that I like edemane beans, but I suffered through them.  One always has to appreciate your daughters dinners.

3.  Spent the morning surfing around the net looking for vacation deals for mid April.  Too bad it wasn't for me.  But it was pleasant to leave home for a few minutes, if only in my mind.

1 comment:

seasiderinthecity said...

I'm not sure whether I look forward to the day my son starts cooking meals or not lol!