Monday, March 11, 2013

The Easter Bunny

I think we spotted the easter bunny on friday.

If you look real's under the table.  It must have been there for about 15 minutes before the g'kids spotted it....and gave chase

It seems we have been doing a "meal plan" on mondays lately so here they are

turkey meatballs
lasagna rolls
Ribs - chez moi, with rice and green beans...but I've been adding some grated ginger lately to the recipe.
Cream of roasted cauliflower soup

Just a little note about the mac & cheese best to say it....might as well just come and say it..
....They sucked.  There...sorry, but there was nothing earth satteringly good about them that just plain buttermilk pancakes with a smooshed banana can't beat...hands down.  I was very dissapointed after the little bit of hype in the book and online from the original recipe holder.  next time when I have leftover mac & cheese I will add a can of tuna and onion and lemon and celery with celery salt and maybe some red pepper and shredded zuccini  some tangy italian dressing ....and make a salad over some romaine.  It's a waaaay better use of left over mac & cheese than these pancakes.

And on Saturday I made the texas chili that was also in the book "cook fight" and it too ....sucked.  Is it stew, or is it chili.  It ended up being neither.  I kept wanting to add beans, but I never did.  And the mext day the chili was even blander than it was the say before.  So far this book is 0-2 in the good/bad recipe ratio.  And On sunday afternoon I returned it to the library.  There are just better recipes out there.

Meal Planning Monday

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