Sunday, March 17, 2013

I was surfing around pinterest this morning with my coffee, and I spotted a pic of zuccini sticks in bread crumbs.  And promptly ran upstairs and made my own.  Who would have thought to make some...not me. I had everything so why not.  And while they were in the oven I cut up three potatoes with a mandoline and made some microwave chips to boot

the recipe I viewed ....not the way I do them.  I used flour, then egg wash, then seasoned panko.
Otherwise the panko just doesn't stick the way I like it.  Sloop zuccini around in the egg wash till coated.  Before adding them to the panko though.

Put a squirt of ceasar salad or ranch dressing, add some sour cream or yoghurt, stir to combine then stand up the sticks and the chips in the bowl.

Wow I must have eaten three baby zuc's and 3 lg potatoes just by myself....Didn't seem that much at the time.  But it was sure good ....for lunch...with white wine.

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