Friday, March 22, 2013


Who ever thought up this a genious

The best way to make pancakes.  Why didn't I ever think of this?  And the best part....the g'kids snacked on them most of the day.  Very good all day long.

By the end of the day there was only 1 left over for my daughter to try.

Next time ....maybe I'll add some bacon to the batter.  I still can't get over how good these were.  I lost track of how many the g'kids ate for breakfast.

Use a cookie scoop, don't overfill...and don't use convection setting until after top of muffins have set.  Or they come out ...leaning over.  Since my 24 mini muffin trays are all in storage I had to make do with a 12 muffin tray.  And I forgot to reset the oven for the second batch.  The second batch came out like cone-heads.  But still good.

I think the pancake grill will be retired after this...maybe for pork chops but not for pancakes.  Muffin pancakes are the future.  And these would be great for breakfast on the go.  I can just see it now.  One dixie cup with sausages and the other with pancake muffins on either side of the booster seats for our planned road trip wednesday.  No..maybe I will have to come up with a different container.  But def will make these wednesday morning so that we can get on the road sooner.  I know they will be a hit all day long. banana muffin pancakes choco chip banana muffin pancakes bacon banana muffin pancakes
...maybe mini sausage banana muffin pancakes....that might solve the container issue.  Hmmmm
...maybe with some leftover baked ham....I should buy one...for the road trip munchies.  Best part of the road trip is the munchies.  I usually have two coolers full.  We only have to make pit stops to stretch out the legs and do some running around (g'kids) a ball or fly a kite.  I can hardly wait.


664 kilometers----6 1/2 hours---depending on how many pit stops
...should we go the ferry?
...and which ferry, there are two possible ferries

Kootenay Lake Ferry

Arrow Lakes Ferry

...through the park?
...there are so many different park possibilities
Banff National Park
Emerald Lake/Yoho National park
Around Fairmont Hot springs
Slocan Lake

I've forgotten how beautiful the drive is.

Except for this part....I really Hate, HATE   HATE

It better not look anything like this.......

Maybe we will go one way...and come back a different loop.

Hopefully their parents will have this place all packed up by the time we return.  But I'm guessing....not likely
But one can always dream.....

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