Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Well it was spaghetti tonight....how lazy am I?
There was a hunk of hamburger and canned tomatoes were on sale...so what else is there to do?  Leftovers for the brownbaggers.  What more can anyone ask for.
...tomorrow it's cream of cauliflower with bacon....yum. I've been craving that for a few days now.  I need soup.  It's soup weather.  So it's soup tomorrow.  I don't care what everyone else wants.  I just hope I have everything cause I'm sick to death of spending money at the grocery store.  I swear everytime I end up in one it's always $100+.  Just once I would like to get in...and out for $10.  The only place I've actually spent any money in the last month has got to be the grocery store or the gas station.  I need some retail therapy...It's been awhile.

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April @First Time Mom and Dad said...

I couldn't agree more! I hate the grocery and the insane prices. There is no in and out for $10 anymore! Thanks for your comment. I had to come over and see who left it. Too funny!