Wednesday, January 02, 2013

So far 2013 looks and feels just like 2012.
Things that stay the same.....
....the obsession with KALE
    please....i beg of you-anyone...obsess over a new vegetable.  I'm so sick and tired of the KALE factor everywhere, in everything.  In pesto for heavens sake...A SACLRILEGE of giant proportion if every there was one.  Pesto is for basil people.......STOP TRYING TO REINVENT PESTO WITH SOME OTHER GREEN THING.

I don't even remember where the KALE thing even came from in MY HOUSEHOLD.

Someone...I don't remember who - but that someone 
"have you tried kale chips?"
"No, that sounds disgusting"
", it's really good you should give it a try"
So ...I googled it.
And proceeded to actually pick some up at the farmers market later that day.  It sat in the fridge for a couple days when my brother and his son had the misfortune to stay over a night between here and there and back again.  I think it was just the one son, not both of them.
We got to drinking wine and ran out of muchies.   My brother was rooting around in the fridge looking for something to sustain himself with when he noticed the stack of different kales.
"what''s with all the kale?"
"oh, yeah...I'm supposed to make some kind of kale chips"
He thought that was the craziest thing
But I proceeded to make batch after batch with different seasonings and cheeses etc.  His son thought they were great, I was sitting on the fence.  My brother thought they were the most disgusting thing around. Now you should know that my brother and his oldest NEVER...EVER...ABSOLUTELY...EVER agree on anything.  They are polar opposites of each other.  Sometimes it's even entertaining to get them going.  Such was the case of Kale Chips.

So a couple of weeks went by and my brother was finally home and entertaining.  I get a call
"how did we make those kale chips again, I don't remember"

"I thought you hated them,, and what to you mean "WE" I do not remember your participation. Except complaining about them"

"I do hate them...but I've got some people over and they don;t believe me about those things"

"Well that means you actually had to buy some kale.  I can't believe you bought the stuff....made plans and make them"

"yeah, yeah  I got a fridge full, just give me the directions.  Ryan has been going on and on to his mother about them.  And I bought sue me"

....My brother is actually the cook in the family.  I don't know what they live on when he's working his two weeks on two weeks off rotation.  Any meal ever prepared around him that he is a guest at...well he always has to get involved and he always makes everything a competion between me, my sister, and him.  As in the "gravy wars of 2010 xmas"
I've never made them since that first day.  Still don't have the taste for them.  Sorry not a fan....I must be the only person on earth that really hates KALE.  when there are so many other things to eat.  Maybe if it was the last vegetable on earth.  But it's not.   So let's obsess about some other veg puuuulease people.

Let's try purple for in
maybe something like ....purple cabbage....purple onions, blackberries, blueberries, beets (well, they're kinda red, but still...) Didn't I see purple peppers somewhere?   I could get on board a purple 2013 veg craze.  Or maybe a new discovery of something bacon.  

That reminds me

Bacon ginger snaps

where.......did that recipe go? Should I chop up some bacon and put it in the batter, or just the bacon fat.  No ...I think they need some actual bacon in the cookie.


  I have all the stuff to give that a try.  

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