Thursday, January 24, 2013

Banana Bread.
I had to get rid of some salad dressing...between her fridge and my fridge - and that day I actually bought yet another one (making coleslaw day) we had waaaay to many opened jars in the fridge.  So I made Banana Bread using this recipe.  It's very moist and just the best one around.  I doubled the recipe and actually used 7 frozen torpedo---esk bananas, that won't hurt anyone opening the freezer again. I also found a half bag of pecans that were blitzed in the food processor and about 1 tbsp cinnamon...cause we all just love the stuff.

Well we're (or I am anyway) on the "clean out the freezer" mentality.  I figure we should move with as empty a freezer as possible.  One of these days it's going to be a marathan day of chicken stock from all those random bags of breast bones and rottiserie chicken carcasses.

So Monday was spaghetti, Tuesday was spaghetti pie,(even though it added to the freezer one bag of sauce - but that's in the plans for lasagna on sunday)  Wednesday was sausage quiche with oven hash browns .  And today it's stirfry  (this has got to be the best way, and everyone loved it last time except add some ginger, balsamic and use a dutch oven in the convection oven if you have one instead of crockpot) because there is a small sirloin steak in the freezer and four sirloin steak precut for steak sandwiches both of which will work for the stir fry.  Since I'm not going to join them for dinner, quinoa and kale something or other.  I'll have to wait and see what my daughter comes up with for that.

 I've got T4's to produce for tax season.  So its the afternoon and evening off (from childcare) for me.  It's time to put on the bookkeeper hat.

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