Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I picked this book up from the libary the other day, and it spent a couple days sitting on the end table.  Yesterday I was a little bored and looked to my left....there was the stack of books.  This one was on top. Hmmm ....I didn't even remember requesting it.

But I spent the better part of yesterday reading it.  What a revelation.  Everyone with children should read this.  Bad eating habits start from day one.  The whole "breast feeding on demand" and pablum crap.

If the French can teach us anything......the whole approach to food has got to be the thing.

Since I'm in charge of "this" set of g'children for the time being with regards to meals before dinner.  It will be implemented.

Where did it start......

I filled up the Brita water jug and set it on the counter.  "that's all you get"


And since I'm from the school of "milk is only good for calf's" , it's water or nothing.

It was kinda eye opening,   there were no complaints...yet.  I lost count of how many glasses of water were consumer...or drunk.

And then at was one of those days were too many eggs were in the fridge and lots of itty bitty other things like couple slices of bacon, couple slices of ham, a zucchini, little bits of chunks of cheese of various kinds four mushrooms, half a red pepper...and six people to feed.  And since I was reading all day.  Who had time to actually prepare anything.  So it was Omelets to order.

First I diced up five potatoes and an onion.  Into the cast iron frying pan with some butter and grape seed oil.  For about 1/2 hour of stirring...quickly got fed up with all the potatoes being scattered.  The pan was too small, so I threw the whole mess pan included into the oven.  Turns way to make hashbrowned potatoes.  Very yummy and crispy.  This will be the way to make them from now on.

Then diced up the bacon and fried it up, diced up pepper, mushrooms pan fried the rawness out of them.  Peeled the zucchini (cause kids always pick out ---the green stuff), pan fried it.  Then julliened the zucchini peels for the adults.  Grated the various cheeses.  Chopped up ham.  Whisked up a carton of eggs and dinner was served.

The kids got to make their own omelets, and ate them all up.  The adults ate all theirs.  And the leftover stuff was mixed up for a denver omelet for me and hubby for b'fast this morning.  And my g'son ate most of my husbands.  And he usually (the g'son) hates anything with cheese in it.

The test since yesterday about eating habits has continued today.  So far snacks for anyone.  Even the adults.  Only water till lunch.

And there is more room in the fridge since all the odds and ends have been dealt with.  There's a little bit of omelet fixin's left over.....maybe a denver sandwich for me......I love leftovers

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