Thursday, January 03, 2013

I don't know what's worse
-40 with wind chill thrown in...or
both kinda suck

Although I welcome the +2, I'm getting real sick and tired of the slush EVERYWHERE.  I can't see out the windows in the van. (And there are many friggin windows to NOT see out of).  And if by chance you get the chance to actually see out of the windows...the sun is sitting so low on the horizon that the glare will get you for sure.  I can't see left at the intersection cause my window is covered in gurrr and I can't see right cause of the glare.  And of coarse the only sun glasses around are spiderman glasses and they are on the floor somewhere around the car seat in the back.  I always see them when I take stuff out of the car, but I can't ever manage to FEEL them in a panic on the floor anywhere.

I washed the van the other day...but then within an hour of driving around it was filthy dirty again.
What's worse do you suppose ...slidding around on pure ice in every intersection or slidding around on piles and piles of brown slush.  Either way it's a nightmare driving.

The filthy state of the entrance to the house is .....why bother--it's only going to get covered in crap as soon as anyone comes in the door anyway.  Everyones jackets are covered in dried up gurrr from vehicles that are covered in the stuff.  It's impossible to not brush up against someones car.  Either the jacket is smudged or the pants are smudged.  I'm constantly getting grey stuff brushed off me in lineups and I'm brushing off others.  It's just a friendly thing to do.  It's wierd.

Everyone is falling all over the place.  I wonder how many broken bones have been repaired between xmas and today.  Last week it was the concussions from ice falls, this week it's broken legs and hips from falls from slush.

I'm just done with the whole thing.

The only thing I'm remotely greatful for....with all this weather in the .  At least I don't have spiders to deal with.  That is one of the greatest GREATEST things about living here.  I haven't seen a spider here in the many years I've been here.  It's usually the first thing that I'm greeted with when I got to BC or Ontario.  Does't matter what time of the year.  In the summer outside...In the winter hiding somewhere inside.  I've spotted webs in the garden or the railing outside, but I've never actually seen the spider...they are just very puuuuuny.  And if you can kill one with a flick of your finger...well they really aren't a real spider.

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