Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I walked by my back closet yesterday to huck yet another empty bottle of wine into the recycling bin...."gee I should take them in, you know ...start the new year without empty bottles and containers."
So I collected a bunch of garbage bags and proceeded to fill them up.  The sheer number of wine bottles were ....eye opening.  Kinda embarassing.  Just when was the last time I empties this closet anyway?  I thought it best not to count them.  After all there was other stuff like milk containers, juice containers, pop, beer bottles etc.  The fact that wine bottles out numbered them all.....well what can I say here to make myself feel better?  That I drank them all myself---well I did use a small swig here and there in my cooking, but probably not really that much of the total.  That's what the red wine empties were for, not so much the white ones.
In order for me to get all the empties into the van, first I had to empty the van.  Our all season tires have been stored in the back since they were changed over.  It was time to get them into the basement. So once everything was re-arranged tires and empties etc.  I looked down at myself and I was kinda filty.  Maybe I should wash the van...you know start the year off with a really clean car inside and out.
Besides who else would be taking their recycled stuff in today anyway.  Well turns out MOST OF MY NEIGHBOORHOOD was thinking the same thing as me at the bottles place and the carwash.
Well at least the plate on the car was sufficiently clean enough to put the new registration sticker on.  Too bad I had to wash the whole entire vehicle just to get a clean 1"x1" square.
Note to self....
Leave the husband at home after washing the van cause he expects me to drive an obstacle coarse in traffic after, "cause the car was just washed, stay away from the other cars".   Yeah like that's possible.  What an idiot, honestly.  Sometimes I think he just says things to get me riled up while I'm driving.  The only reason i took him in the first place was so that I could sit in the van while he washed the thing.  You know...to run the wipers to make sure the windshield was good to go.  And to make sure he didn't miss any spots on the body.  I wasn't expecting "stupid ass comments"

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