Sunday, January 20, 2013

I was supposed to go home and pack some boxes.  Clean out things.  But instead...yesterday I started reading.

I picked up a few things at the library

I don't know where I saw this title LOVE BOMB BY LISA ZEIDNER.... But I will be searching out other titles of hers.  I started reading this Saturday and only got through like two chapters before I almost fell asleep.  So after b'fast I picked it up again...and that was it.  I finished around 3.  I kept interupting people around me to read them passages. I think I was pissing off my husband...what with football and all.  Honestly people in this house have no sense of humor.  If I was on a bus I would have insisted that total strangers listened to some.  It was very good.  I specially enjoyed the dead rabbit chapter.  I made my daughter read it out of context and she thought I was seriously twisted if I found that even remotely funny.  But I did.  I laughed so hard...I almost peed my pants.

I got totally involved with every character and only wished the book was thicker.  I'm very sorry that It all ended so quickly.

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