Monday, January 14, 2013

The best gift I received this xmas
I looooove potato chips.   usually have several bags all over the house.

Now I make my own.   And this thing is the bomb

you need one of these

and one of these...but get 2, 
soak in water for a bit to get out starch

until the water is clear, usually one will do it

lay potato slices onto tea towel

pattttttt good as possible

take all 4 corners and shake any liquid off...dry is the key word here

put them into a bowl and doctor them up with whatever is handy

into the micro for about 1 min 35 sec
turn over...back in for 1 min 35 seconds
then you get these, ...this was two potatoes worth plus a threw away a batch that were burnt

the papertowel has no special use here, except that the pie plate had sprinkles left over from a cupcake decorating session,.
The chips are not greasy....just very crisp and spicy and crunchy.   yum
doctor up some greek yoghurt or sour cream with some of the same stuff that was used on the raw potatoes

four days worth of snacks.....and that wine glass DOES NOT have any wine in it.  After all it's only 10:30 AM...Sheesh

Ginger a fancy glass.  It's my strategy to reeeeduce my wine consumption.  The last trip to the recycler kinda shocked into thinking "maybe I need to cut down ...a bit"  So that's the plan.  Ginger-ale in a wine glass.  I should work

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