Friday, January 04, 2013

I was scrolling around pinterest a couple days ago and noticed an apple pie made in a cast iron fryingpan.

 And got the idea that maybe I should give it a try, except change it to a chicken pot pie instead.  So the day before I roasted three bone-in chicken breast for the sole purpose of having some left overs for the pie.  I made extra roasted carrots and potatoes as well.

So the next day I chopped 1/2 an onion, three center stalks top part only, of celery.  For the leafy greens, and chopped up a medium zucchini and about 1/4 of a red pepper, (well that's all I had left in the fridge for a pepper). About 3 garlic cloves minced or chopped.   Once this was sauted up, I added the carrots and potatoes chopped up into a large dice

I threw in a handful of frozen corn and frozen peas

then the shredded large breast of chicken

A can of this, inspite of my "no soup from a can except heinz tomato soup" I do use this when ever I make pot pie, primarily cause it tastes good and because I didn't have any frozen gravy and because I was to lazy to make my own sauce.  After emptying the can into a seperate bowl I added a heaping soup spoon of flour into the empty can, added half the can of milk. Take a fork or whatever is handy and stir the flour into the milk in the can then top this up with whatever stock you have.  Mix this all up with the original contents of the can in that seperate bowl.  Add this to the cast iron pan of veg and chicken.  I added about four or five spoons of butter before topping with the crust

Sprinkle some spice on the crust ( pepper and sage and celery salt) before rolling it out a bit

cover the pan, and then egg wash the top before adding a bunch of slits to release steam.

Clean up the mess

Into the 350 oven for about an hour


Look in vain for the pie lifter upppppper, Give up and use a very flat spatula instead

Expect a mess with the first slice to come out mess ...hmmmm maybe needed a little more liquid
Wow best chicken pot pie I ever made,  After I put half away in the fridge for another day, I even scrapped up all the itty bitty remains.  It was that good.  The only down side....Needing another container for the fridge instead of the pie plate I used to use.  But this will be the only way I make this dish again.  What is it with cast iron that makes everything taste sooooooo much better.  If it wasn't so heavy for my lousy wrists I would probably use it all the time.  That's the other down's friggin heavy to get in the oven and then out.....ohhh well.  I will suck it up

This has been my breakfast for the past two days.  It just gets better and better

Salty Pork Chops for dinner tonight.  Yum....I'm addicted to them.

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