Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Well here it is January 17th and I just quit job #3. After being off for a year and a half, this working for a living....... Let's just say I can find better things to do with my time. Or maybe I"m just too old for this crap.
Job #1 - said she was only interested in training someone with no experience. Turns out she is a lousy instructor. And too many phone calls answered, vendors looking for money. Bad sign. Quit after 3 days.
Job #2 - Temp job receptionist. Started on a monday begged to be released by thursday. I think one has to be extremely dumb and stupid to do this job. Brain cells were dying in an 8 hour day. The most mind numbing boring job I've ever had. Except for maybe job #3.
Job #3 - Admin Assist. I think that If you don't care diddly about the product, well the job probably sucks. But I did last 6 weeks. Only because I didn't want to leave during xmas holiday. But it got harder and harder to actually want to show up. And I'm too old to be nit picked at. If I'm cold I'm going to TURN UP the thermostat. I don't give a @#^ how hot it is in the ladies room (right next to the furnace) My desk is not next to the ladies room. God some people. And don't use a foreign language talking to family members around me. That's just rude. Too many calls about not receiving product that was promised. Began to believe product wasn't as good as publicity for it. GPS technology is BORING. Unless of coarse you are lost, or missing. But still boring. I actually left a note on my desk, resigning. Didn't want to do it in person. What a wuz.
So here I am job hunting again. I did actually hand out a resume yesterday. But today maybe I'll just take a day off. I just need a simple dopey job that doesn't require much effort. And I really miss working around food.
I have two grandchildren on the way. One in June and another 3 weeks later in July. Cool.
I hope that it's one of each, because I made two baby quilt tops a few years ago (never did finish quilting them though) one for a girl and one for a boy. I'm just waiting patiently for the news of who's having what.
I bought a cook book yesterday. The Dinner Fix. After I looked it over at the first store ($29.95) and only found maybe 1 recipe that looked interesting, I decided that 25.95 was too much for only 1 recipe. But later saw the same book at Costco for $17, so I bought it. Haven't decided if I"ll keep it, or give it to one of the kids. Concept of the book is different. I'll have to see if the recipe for butter chicken works or not. Haven't found a recipe that works yet.
I've been obsessed with "pomegranate molasses" since chistmas dinner. Finally found it. Looking forward to using it. Smells really good.
It's been two weeks since we stopped taking sleeping pills to fall asleep. Went cold-turkey on the friday before new years. It was tough slogging. There were nights..... But I insisted that we try. I can't believe how awake I am during the day. Never realized how groggy I was during the day. I was walking around in a fog and had absolutely no energy. What a difference. I can say that the last two nights I finally got some uninteruped sleep. That was heaven. I didn't think it would happen.

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