Friday, April 06, 2012

My un-garden

This year I vow I will not put any seeds into little bitty pots (except for my lettuce leaf basil, cause not available anywhere else except my mothers seed hording bucket of seeds), and I WILL NOT plant 55 tomato plants from the packet of heirloom tomatoes, nor will I attempt to plant that damn armenian cuc yet again this year ( I found out the damn thing is a melon for heavens sake according to this book a really good read by the way, and no wonder it never really grew....not enough hot sun i guess).
I knew I was going to run out of space in my itty bitty back yard so I even had to sign up for a "community garden" spot, but they would only give me one spot...all this "everyone has to have a chance at a spot" stuff....
So this year.....I will not plant more than 4-5 tomatoes, and I will buy them as seedlings, same for the cucs.
I will not spent march, april and may lugging trays and trays of seedling from one window to another, up the stairs in the morning and down in the afternoon, I'm just not going to do that again.  And for what...we had such a crappy june that I had to buy some seedlings anyway cause most of the tomatoes didn't make it past the stormy month.  And the community garden spot was so new this year that no barriers were planted and it was a wind tunnel all year.
But I guess I will have to plant some beans again, and herbs, again and then there's the potatoes that I swear I am going to try in the potato cages again..... but this time I'm going to get my daughter in Toronto to plant that #hit, cause...well she has a huge back yard finally, and she ...well...needs the experience..and it helps that she seems to be gung hoooo about the whole thing.
This year I vow that I will not spent upward of $500 on a garden....well not @ home anyway....not saying how much I will contribute to the Toronto garden though...I mean someone planning on a first time garden will need some $$$ help, there's the raised beds to build, the soil to purchase, the mini greenhouses to construct over the raised beds,....the list goes on and on, and the seedlings and seeds haven't even been planted.....heavy sign

I'm only going to plant anything this year because if I don't the grandkids will desimate the back yard into a mudbath if nothing is planted.  And that won't be very pretty at all, not to mention all that mess to clean up every week.  And that damn neighbor cat will be digging all season, if I don't manage to take it for a just kidding, really I am

case in point....

trying to figure out where to put everything....will not be a problem this year

a little bit crowded

the potato cages, that really deserve another try again this year, if nothing else for something interesting to keep track of...sort of a reason to get outside once in awhile.

But this year, I will be spending my time either here...
with a good book..

or in a chair here, with a glass of wine.

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