Monday, May 03, 2010

May already.......

What's been happening, I'm still in March. Can't believe how time is flying. Someone should do a study and just see if the rotation of the earth has sped up. Time is just going to fast lately. Way tooooo fast.

I'm in the middle of making a pie, so far the filling is to die for. It's called a Lime-Marshmallow Pie from "Ready for Dessert" by David Lebovitz.
I'm just debating weather I should make the topping or not yet. I don't have a candy thermometer. And I'm watching the grandchildren so can't run out to buy one until later. So the topping will have to wait. I just have to keep my fingers out of the pie until then. Or maybe.......I should make more filling.....for tasting or for dessert for the kiddies. Hmmmm that's a thought. That's a good thought.

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