Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mothers Day

Ahhh mothers day! Its taken 25-30 yrs to appreciate motherhood as a "good idea" How did it all start? Xmas 1979 we were at a family dinner and we were the only couple without children. We felt left out. I remember going to bed that night and discussing parenthood. So one day during the week between xmas and new years I had the IUD removed and probably that night concieved. My son was born Sept 20/80. On my husbands birthday during a thunder storm. Then in October 82 my brother came to visit with his girlfriend and my husband was out of town for that week so I let them have my bedroom and I slept on the couch. I was having a shower that morning when my husband came home and he refused to go in our bedroom to get "the little bags". "If I go get them, they'll know what we are doing. Don't worry I won't get you pregnant." Well so much for that. My daughter was born in July after a week of the hottest weather ever, ending in a thunderstorm or incredible lighting. I remember driving to the hospital in such a rainstorm that I couldn't see anything out of the windshield and the lightning and thunderstorm were amazing. The last day of August 84 I was moving, my husband was out of town again...... I was throwing the last mattress on the floor I remember how pissed off I was that I was doing this alone (with two little kids running around and my stepson was living with us at the time). My husband came in the new house in a really good mood and walked into the bedroom were I was arranging the last piece of furniture that I unloaded from the moving truck. I was so mad at him for all the work I had to do and he was in a good mood because he was out of town all week. My daughter was born 6 weeks early in April 85. So if you want a female baby I say have sex in unexpected places and make up sex probably helps. And the reason that she was born 6 weeks early.....once again my husband came home after being out of town and decided that sex would be a good idea. Needless to say - it wasn't. So babies are usually born during a change in the weather and if you are overdue, having sex won't be a bad idea. But not a good idea during the last trimester. So the reason I'm a mother is three times of unprotected sex, last two times I was promised that I wouldn't get pregnant, "I promise".

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