Saturday, May 26, 2012

cleaning out the freezer

The other day my g'kids were over for the usual two days, and I rattled around in my brain...what to make for dinner? So I went out to the freezer in the garage, and then the fridge/freezer looking for insperation. What I found was a whole lot of little bags of stuff. So I made them some stuffed rigatonni from a bag of leftover hamburger/pork mixture from some other time of leftover mix. It was very good. So now i'm on a fixation of emptying the freezers of small bags. It's amazing how many I have. I pulled out a little bag (less than 200gm each) of pork, hamburger and chicken (or might be ground turkey) so it's going to be spaghetti with surprise sauce tonight. And lunch tomorrow because spaghetti always tastes better the next day. Then I found a bag (actually 2) of shredded braised purple cabbage. It was really good when I made it, forgot all about this stuff. I also found many boxes of frozen pizza....I will have to doctor up one of them for breakfast with bacon and tomatoes.

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