Monday, May 28, 2012

Latest read

Picked up Fire in the Blood it's either a sequel or prequel to Suite Francaise and it also apprears that there are more books of hers (before she was murdered by nazi bastards and european enablers) It still makes me sick....the waste It also makes me sick of the wasted lives in Syria..... While all of us sit here in our comfort.... How many were murdered the name of Assad And then there's the greeks, spainish, Portuguese, Irish ...all in the name of austerity german style.... how many german companies benefited from the lavish spending of greeks spanish, portuguese irish how many european elite benefited from bond sales of these said countries KNOWING these bonds would be a hardship to repay.... I recently watched a bbc program of the hardship of so many spanish and greek families loosing homes, utilities turned off ....and these families already lived austere lives. For what bond holders get paid..... so countries selling bonds they can`t hope to repay, can finance`s a vicious cycle... If the euro fails....what then It`s all toooo much for me Heavy sighhhhhhh

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