Monday, July 02, 2012

Big Trip

The other day we went to Costco for our bi-weekly stock-up of veg.  Of coarse my husband didn't make it past the electronics section. I managed to do the "walk-about" not once....but twice. And in all this time he was still yakking up the cell guy. 

But as it happens this was a good thing. I know I can hardly believe I'm actually saying this. But it's true. I've been in the market for a new phone. Seeing as blackberry is I have to give it up and decide on which NON APPLE product to replace my blackberry with.

My husband replaced his blackberry with an stupid ass apple 4 and then proceeded to annnnnnoy the hell out of EVERYONE to get up to speed on the thing.

I was waiting for July to get a new phone so that we wouldn't have two new phones to deal with on the June bill. I had this one model in mind primarily because it had a somewhat good camera on it. Because not only did I need a new phone but my camera also needs to be replaced because of stupid ass water spots on the lense somewhere deep in the bowels of the thing. And since I can't afford the one I really want, and a new phone. I have to pick one and get two.

I was all prepared to get this one because of the "monster glass" seeing as how my phone is usually dropping on cement or pavement, I figured ...go for the monster glass and a good camera.

But then this little # just happened to be delivered - that day, to the masses for sale. And it's sooooo pretty, and sooooo thin, and sooooo friendly, and soooooo  soooooooo. So I came home with it the next day. Cause buying it that day would have resulted in "remember when you bought that phone " issues for the rest of my life. Seeing as how I always complain that my husband is a little tooooo spontanious with stupid purchases, (like the apple 4, for instance) So just to bug the crap out of my husband I waited a day to buy the phone. And I wasn't even going to purchase it the next day I was planning on maybe sometime in the middle of July after toying with my husband for a couple weeks of "I don't know"'s and "maybe" 's. Cause if anything makes him more excited about buying something, it's egging me on to buy something that he really wants.
And since his apple was now better than my blackberry, well he was very over the top in "mine's better than yours" for the last 10 or so days.

And of coarse now my phone is better than his.  As I was getting educated on my new purchase before I left the store, My poor husband was sooooo torn. Does he stay with the stupid ass iphone "cause everyone has one" and "he wants one like everyone else" or go with the android and he had till that day to change his phone for the android. Of forever (well for 3 yrs anyway) hold his peace...his piece....whatever - his phone.

The poor guy, I almost felt sorry for him. Cause popularity always wins out with him. He HAS to be one of the crowd.  He can't stand being different.  But I think he really wants one like mine.

But I sure wish blackberry/rim would get on board.  Cause I loved my blackberry. And I will miss it.  I still carry the stupid thing around because I love the memo on it that I can't seem to find equal on the android. I felt really overly self-important when I had to dump both my new phone and my old phone in the tub at security when at the airport.  But I am unable to remember all the stuff I kept in the memo thingy. And I handn't figured out the new phones bells and whistles yet. And I was planning on a trip the very next day.  So there I was with both phones and both charges and my little 10" laptop going through security. Anyway....

Sure it's a nice phone. and has a nice large screen blah blah blah.  but it keeps falling out of my pocket. And the keyboard's either not sensitive enough ...or overly sensitive. Grrrrrr. I loved the blackberry keyboard.    I will never be able to text and drive again.   Cause it's impossssssible with this phone. Yeah like you don't do that.......Give me a break!!!!!

So the trip was supposed to be spent babysitting my g'kids so my kid could go to a wedding. But I spent most of my down time trying to figure out the phone, downloading and then uninstalling countless crap.

And how come everyone can use this phone.....except me.  It takes forever to do the simplest thing specially if the stupid ass keyboard is involved.

I have to buy one of those pocky things, that I know I will loose or misplace.  Isn't it enough that my glasses always go astray, now I will forever be looking for that stupid ass pocky thing.

But I gotta say the screeen size is sure a welcome thing.  And the iphone screeen seems so puny now and the blackberry screen ----well it's almost laughable now.

When I got on the plane I realized that I didn't even know how to turn it off.  Talk about stuuuuupid. I tried everything. So in desperation I just turned everything to mute, and hoped I covered every possiblity.  Then my daughter figured it out in like one second.  That really pissed me off at how dumb I was.  But I swear I TRIED EXACTLY THE SAME THING....but the phone was toying with me.

So now ....about the trip. Why ohhhh why does ANYONE go to Vancouver.  Or anywhere in the lower mainland.  Used to live there, and would NEVER do that again. Talk about a boring place.  Everywhere one goes....the rest of the stupid ass tourists go also. 

I mean....get ....effing....way!!!!!!

And it didn't help that it was raining.  Christ what does it do here except RAIN.  And it's wedding weekend, and how many poor suckers were having an outdoor wedding. In our hotel alone there were four wedding parties.  Well it did actually stop raining between 1-6. But by then it was too late and venues were moved indoors cause everything was soaked outside.  But rain is supposed to be a lucky thing they say.   So what the hay.....And besides I'm glad I was looking after and entertaining one g'kid while the other one was  a flower girl. So since it was raining so hard just before the ceremony I convined the parents that "really I should just stay here with junior and you can bring junioresss back here after the pic's are all taken"  Cause it's wet and miserable out there, and who cares anyway....They will be cranky and miserable like the weather anyway."  And for once I got my way and it seemed that everyone was happy.  Most esspecially moi.

So they drove back on Sunday and I flew back....cause I could and they couldn't.  Besides they bought a brand new spanking vehicle to test out on this trip.  So everyone was happy again.  And It managed to stop raining for the return trip.

But I gotta say Vancouver kinda sucks.  When there are 3 1/2 and 5 yr olds to entertain.  We just walked around neighborhoods, jumped around in puddles, and got tired of looking at slugs and snails. Cause what else is there to do.  I took them on the sea train thing across the inlet. But it would have been nice if more ships were in the harbour.  thank you for the one cruise ship that they got to see.  They did get to see two "crap from china" ships and called the containers "china boxes"  I thought that was brilliant.  They are so amusing. Coarse the parents weren't soo amused with the china references for some reason. So what if 90% of the people on the sea train-bus-boat thing were chinese.  And they were being alittle loud with the china references.  Who pays attention to what kids say anyway. People are a little toooo sensitive these days. And crap from crap from china, and everything in those containers was probably destined to a dollar store,,,,somewhere near all of us.


I can't believe how much money I spent doing NOTHING.  Grrrr

And why don't they stock my brand of wine here.  That really pissed me off. Cause what do you buy when your first or second choice ain't available?  You stand around and around and around hoping for some enlightenment....What to buy....what to buy....So you buy several different things just to compensate.

I don't think I will be going back anytime soon. Vancouver.....I'm soooooo over you.

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