Sunday, July 15, 2012

Looking around....

Well I finally finished cleaning up the books of my current client. Nothing was done since August 2008. And he only decided he needed to do something last August when Receiver General seized his bank accts. It was a perfect client, two days a week 4-5 hours. I could still have the g'kids come wednesday for dinner and stay till friday afternoon for pickup after parents work. And once in a while I took off on the redeye friday midnight for Toronto and return on tuesday morning to visit my other daughter.  I brought some work home once in a while. And still charge about $1600-$2000 a month.  Now it's come to a close.  The day-to-day..nous of it is more annoying than anything. Give me a client with a shoe box with receipts for 4 years, and I'm a happy camper.

So now I need a new client,  my current client only needs me prob 2-3 days a month....if that, and year end crap. 

Is there anything worse than looking for a new client. ugggggh.....

It was kinda wierd, I wasn't really that up to speed on Quickbooks, since I had previously had clients that worked with Simply Accounting.  So of coarse I said I knew what I was doing with Quickbooks, even though I hadn't seen anything with quickbooks for years.  All I did when I was kinda stuck and ready to throw the computer at the wall was .....twitter.

It's amazing...if you can't solve a problem real quick with google, twitter is the answer.  I had several bookkeepers at the ready with any question that I had.  Though I didn't know any of them personally.  I would put a question out to twitter, and within 5-10 minutes I would get a response.  I kept a few bookkeepers at the ready after a few days of this.   Thank you out there, your a great group that got me through some crazy simple stuff that I should have been able to do, but didn't have a clue at the time. I got texted through many step-by-step issues.

But since I've only been working with quickbooks, for the past year, I'm probably out of step with simply accounting now, and one just knows......that's gonna be the  next client.

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