Monday, August 13, 2012

A Girl and her Pig

My current fav read. After only a couple pages, I "wanted to", but didn't actually...yet, clean off my counters and sharpen the knives. But I did make it to the market (although...not the farmers market) for some new carrots that I will roast on the bbq along with my new potatoes and honey garlic sausages. I'm sooo hungry already - just thinking about it. I always dreaded thanksgiving...for all the work. When all that is really required is a leg a breast and a whole shit load of app's and booze. But no - one has to get a 15-20 lb bird, prep it, stuff it, make several entrees, salads, not to mention all the stupid app's. The only saving grace was the chow mein for brunch from all the leftover turkey. BUT NOT THIS YEAR..... After reading this book I am looking forward to the "Bubble and Squeak" according to the recipe in the book, from all of the leftover roasted veg, and brussel sprouts. Of coarse since I started roasting the brussel sprouts sliced and doused in bacon fat, there are no leftovers of them. But this year I will make MORE...just for the "squeak" the next day ....along with the chow mein. That will be an interesting brunch for sure.

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