Thursday, August 16, 2012

Food Industry part 2

Locavore: From Farmers' Fields to Rooftop Gardens-How Canadians are Changing the Way We Eat    read it, then start making phone will be upset to discover where the products you eat actually come from even if they have a "product of" label or "packaged in"...

Well I finished the book
My food future will be very different that is for sure
Who knew
If I was younger I would be a farmer, for sure. That's the future.
I am going to have to do much research for next years growing season, maybe check into the using others backyards for a garden....thing. That was an interesting turn of events.
I made many phone calls to processors for their sourcing information.  Not good news on that front.
Milk may not be imported from south of us, but that doesn't mean it doesn't get here in milk products.

I remember having a petition in my store for customers to sign to ensure that monsanto doesn't get a foothold destroying our milk supply like they did in the US.  And now I discover the milk by products are in my cheese. Not happy at all.  I will be changing my cheese buying and ice cream buying that is for sure.

Still waiting on a call back from heinz, re my ketchup.....

Heinz ketchup sources it's tomatoes and tomato paste from Leamington Ontario....yay

one down.....hundreds to go

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