Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blah Blah Blather...

A day in the life....

Was woken up out of a restless night around 5:45AM to screaming and yelling - two g'kids fighting over who gets the wii controller and who ends up with the tablet.  It's all about the damn Mario...

Daddy was in the shower

G'kids were rolling around on the floor, honestly the person that invented Mario needs to be shot.  Asshole...
I didn't even have my cup of java yet and I had to deal with this crap
I turned off the wii and the tablet and had to listen to a whole lot of screaming and crying.  But the rules....No Mario, No Wii, No tablets if I'm in charge.  And I"M IN CHARGE

There they sat...ooooh what to do ...what to do when BABA YOU NEVER LET US DO ANYTHING and then the g'daughter stomped her way over to the TV remote that got taken out of her hands

It's not even 6AM yet FCS!!!....

Rule #1....GET DRESSED


So while they were doing that I got my coffee and daddy was out the door and mommy was coming down the stairs

Of coarse they're perfect little angels by this time.

I don't know what happened this morning because I don't usually get woken up until at least 6:30 by one and the other one isn't up till 7.  Though it's never the same one and any given day.  Very rarely both are up this early.  Someone had a bag dream and woke the other one up and all four were in bed together this morning apparently.  So that's why the day started off sucking.

So by 6:45 they were scarfing down french toast and watching Phineas and Ferb.  God I hate that show....

While they were eating I was making up their lunches and snacks for school.  I particularly hate this part...this is the reason that WE always lived a block away or across the field or across the street almost...from every schoool my kids ever went to.  And strangely even though we moved ALOT and I mean AAAALLLLOT I always managed to accomplish this.  When I was in school my parents lived across the school field from all three of them except Grade 8 which was a bus ride away.  Horrors.  I had the luxury of waking up 15 minutes before school and coming home for lunch after,  every mom was a stay at home mom in the sixty's. When I was a teenager my bus friends would be sitting around watching soap operas over lunch. So when my first born got to kindergarten and He was a car ride away and I had to drag two other toddlers into the car or into a buggy or a carrier....That lasted 6 months.  How did people do this I thought.  This is nuts.

When we moved to another province....That was the major requirement....MUST BE NEXT TO SCHOOL

Except that one time when I lost my mind and we moved into a rural...very rural ...up a mountain...down and then up and all around that mountain.  My kids were in grade 9, 6 and 4.  We lasted about 2 months (the longest two months of my life)....Whatwasithinking.....One morning that finally had me packing boxes was the morning of a particularly heavy snowfall (it wasn't even halloween yet FGS) and off they went on the school bus ...not more than an hour later they were tramping in the door.

"The bus fell off the road mom"
"We had to go out the back door, it was really fun jumping out of the bus"
"The front door was scrunched up"


How did you get home?
On a snowmobile.  Apparently

Two weeks later I was living in my grandmothers (she had died many years previously) house that my uncle was renting out.  But his renters up and left him high and dry.  No sooner had he told me all this sad news one day when I came for tea, that I wasn't moved in  by the end of that week.  He didn't know what hit him cause I didn't pay any rent for a year.  And then bought it.

Wow that was a long story...why did I get on this story anyway.

OHhh yeah...lunchs

Opened the garage door and started the van at 745 and by the time all the scarves, gloves, toques, snow boots, snow pants, hoodies, parkas, (I'm exhausted just typing this, never mind actually putting all this crap on X 2) and backpacks....It was 8am

Thank you weather gods...it didn't snow last night

SO I didn't have to slip slide my way out of the neighborhood this morning.

Lately the kids have been complaining about my radio choices
"Baba....you never have music on - just talk talk talk"....(cbc radio-what can I say)

So last week I grabbed a bunch of CD's from the "new and notable" shelf of the library.  And we listened to Katy Perry....Eye of the Tiger all the way to school...full blast.  So lately to prevent all the "she's touching me" or "he's poking me"'ssssss I have insisted that they bring activity books with them whenever they are in the van.  So there we were singing at the top of our lungs and they were coloring like mad back there.  So far it's much more pleasant with the two of them back there.  I was tempted to stick the third row of seats into the back just to seperate them.  Mornings were becoming a battle ground lately.

My ears were ringing all the way home by myself without the noisey music.

Made myself breakfast...turned on the computer.
What.....it's already time to turn around and pick the kindergartener up.   I hate kindergarten.

So this is when I start museing about dinner.  I toke out of the freezer a pork roast (last nite) from my mark-down buying binge end of November.  Geez here it is almost the middle of December and I'm still working off those mark downs in the freezer.....a.m...a...z...i...n...g

NO YAMS ...darn

Have to make a trip to the supermarket.  GRRR
Couldn't find my debit card yesterday....still missing
Only have a toonie in my pocket....

Here piggy...piggy

Isn't this pathetic?

I had to gut the pig (well okay open the bottom up) for a $20 bill.  I knew it was in there, cause I put it in.  My mother before boarding her flight to Maui for 6 weeks of xmas bliss....handed all her great grand children a twenty just the other day.  So there it was for my supermarket trip.  Someone remind me to put it back later.  Or i'll surely forget and end up with egg all over my face when she wants to go shopping.

Baby Yams ended up only $1.77 for the bag....but where oh where is that darn toonie.  Have to use the twenty.

So I have some brussel sprouts and a head of cauliflower in the fridge and some overripe apples and the pork.

I was reading

and I found

....and when my mother arrived in town to catch her plane the day before the flight...she also brought a huge bag of

that's right...hazelnuts.  From her own trees no less.


hopefully it will look something like this.  (from the book) although I copied  this pic from her website that wasn't the recipe that was credited for this picture in the cookbook.  Hmmmm - one would think if the recipes are being tested that surely one would photograph at least one of the attempts to fool proof the recipe.  But I guess NOT

And the Quinoa & Brussels Sprout Salad

though....mine doesn't look like this.  When I made it (we ate it to fast to bother with pics) I added some chopped up

and some feta cheese and prob some clubhouse greek blend.  I put that stuff on everything.  

Ohhh geez it's after 12:30 already.  I have stuff to do....

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