Tuesday, December 03, 2013


It's -20 something.  After -20, does it really matter what the number is?  It's friggin Cold is what it is.  And it's windy and snowing again.  Yesterday WASANIGHTMARE....So today the g'kids are staying home cause I'm not driving ANYWHERE today.  FORGETABOUTIT.  So it's going to be a day of fighting over the tablet, the wiiiiiiii, the chanel to watch.  But I nipped that in the bud.  NO TV. NO TABLET, NO WIIIIII, NO TECHNOLOGY today...It's play with your toys or nothing.  It's only 9:30 A.M. So we will have to see how the day progresses.  Just suffice to say that Lego are all over the floor, And barbie houses are being dragged out of the bedroom into the livingroom.  Apparently Lego Hero Factory and Barbie are compatible....Who knew!!!

I shouldn't complain about the mess in the livingroom cause my sewing room...is well...let's just say it's a good thing it's in the basement cause it's...

But in my defense, I am busy.  I have two quilts on the go.  One a standard size and one a baby quilt from the same picture I spotted months ago on pinterest.

The standard size one is using 2 1/4 inch squares (before seam allowance)...1 3/4 after. With a green border.  It's coming along nicely.

And the baby quilt is with 1 1/2 inch squares (before seam allowance)...soooo 1" after.  Planning on a purple border for this one.  Unfortunatly there are no baby girls on the horizon.  But It never hurts to have one ....just in case.  The last one that I made for a baby girl took me ten years to complete.  I think my daughter was a teenager when I started it.  Cause I was bored in my store one day.  I eventually finished it a year after my g'daughter was born.  So hopefully this one won't take that long.  But I'm not holding my breath.  I gotta say...that I'm already sick of the standard size one, not looking forward to making the baby quilt. I might have screwed up on the measurement of this one.  Might end up being a doll quilt.  All that work for a doll quilt.  Not to sure I'm going to be happy about that.  36x36 hmmm maybe might have to add an extra border to this one to make it actually a baby quilt.  Sooo maybe a green border like the original then a purple squares one after....would add ....8" over all....soooo 44x44....Don't mind me...I'm just talking to myself here... I'll have to think about this a bit.....

 Uggggh, all those threads all over the floor.  I have to vacuum daily in that room or else I get assaulted with white thread all over me.  I have to de-lint myself everytime I leave the house.  Otherwise I'd be covered in white thread.

Around here...it's either Hello kitty or Monster High.
Or Lego.

And yesterday I had to waste time between dropping of the k'gartener and picking him up again 3 hrs later.  The roads were so bad and the weather so rough that I didn't want to drive home just to do it all over again a couple hours later so I stayed in the general area and went shopping.  I ended up At Indigo for an errand (once my daughter found out I was out and about the stores she texted me he shopping xmas list)  anyway there I was in Indigo and being cheap as I am.  I wondered over to the quilt mag's and spotted one design that would look good on the table.

...so I whipped out my cell phone and started taking pics of the pattern and the directions

anyway....6 pictures later when I got home I drafted the thing out on my handy dandy draft paper desk blotter.  And now I have yet another project on the go

Not to mention all the library stuff I have projects to copy.  This is what happens when I have to waste time-I generally stop in at the library.  There's just not enough time in the day...Nor is there enough strength in my back.  You notice the stool I sit on when sewing?  It's the only thing that actually reduces the back pain.

Happy Snow Day

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