Friday, July 14, 2006


Cast of characters
Spouce - retired 2 years, triple by-pass, returns to work during summer months as per contractSon - newly married, lives out of province. See him once a year - maybe.
Daughter #1 - works in hospitality industry, with her boyfriend both work for the same company. He's her boss. Well at work anyway. She's in sales and marketing and he's head of functions and banquets. They also live together.
Daughter #2 - (she will be really mad if she ever learns that she is #2) works for daughter #1, currently screwing up her life by "taking a break" from university. I blame this all on boyfriend of daughter #1 (though he is a nice guy, and I do like him, it's just all his fault). Said boyfriend called daughter #2 and (she says )begged, and (he says asked) pleaded with her to come work a shift he was short staffed. Would she mind? Well daughter #2 (vowing she would never work in the service industry like her sister ugh all those stupid people one has to deal with etc etc) said "sure, why not-just this once". Well she loved it. She only had one year left in a four year degree. Decided that she liked business much better than history or geography and maybe "I'll just take off a year and try Business Admin". Besides this she figured would give her a break and also give her some solid footing if she ever had to freelance with her degree in geography. Made sense to me. That was in April. Meanwhile she paid for tuition that ended in April, but didn't really go to any classes or do any papers, nothing-basically screwed the last term. She was working to much and having to much fun with all the other servers and managers etc. Did I mention she lives with us. WEll her clothes are here on the floor in her room and her cat is here and once in awhile there are dirty dishes all over the place in the morning, but we never actually see her very often. That's because according to her, we are always here (since i'm not working and her father is retired). She never gets the place to herself. Blah blah blah. There's always the "get your own place" issue, but that would cost her money.
So we're all in limbo.Then it was decided that I was able to work again. Well I kinda got used to not working but getting paid. I don't know if I want to go back to work. During my time off I've lost 35 pounds, and none of my clothes fit. It will take way more energy than I have. I have limited use of my right hand and the use I do have is painful. But WCB seems determined. So this blog is for my venting and a diary of a fifty year old female changing careers.

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