Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Is it Wednesday already

Wow it's already wednesday. I spent the last two days in migraine hell. That's what I get for reading non stop. Since my injury and surgery I can count the migraine free days as a rare occurrence. I've had my eye prescription checked twice, I've had an mri or mir or whatever it's called, and there's just no answer. If I don't take breaks after a couple hours reading It feels like my left eye is three times it's size and it's ready to explode. The pain lasts for three + days sometimes. My injury is on a pressure point, I remember when I used to get just a regular headache I used to massage my hand directly on the same spot. Now it seems to be causing them. That's probably a contributing factor to my weight loss. Have to force myself to eat just so I can take meds. Migrains and upset stomach, now there's a diet plan.
I must have sent out 20 resumes today. To make up for the week I didn't do anything. I hope I don't get any calls, I'm just not in the mood.
I was doing all kinds of things to get my mind of my pain. I started a wine kit that I bought about three months ago. I cleaned. I went to Ikea-I can't remember why exactly it was necessary to go there, it just seemed like a distraction. Oh year, I remember now - i was in dire need of picture frames. Now there's a place everyone contemplating children in their future ought to go on a Monday at 2pm. Yikes who would of thought it would be so noisy at that time of day. Isn't that supposed to be NAP TIME. Well I feel almost normal today. I'm afraid to start reading though. Maybe it's just the barometric pressure, maybe it's the carnage in the middle east. I should make a note of disasters and my migraines.Hmmmmm. There's a thought.

I used to have the most amazing dreams of wierd things and sure enough the very next day it would be on the news. I remember the first time I noticed it. Three things happened three days in a row. And I saw the news bite in my dreams the night before on each of them. The nineties were particularly bad for that for me. But that hasn't happened for a few years now. Thank god. I'm pretty sure my family thought I was nuts. They looked at me kinda funny if I ever brought it up. I often wonder if anyone believed me. I should ask them. I wonder if my headaches have gotten stronger since then. Geez the things one should keep track of. It's just too much for me. What do you do about a premonition when you don't even know it is one, until it's happened. It's just these wierd people you don't know or these events that don't make any sense. Until eight to twelve hours later.

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