Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cherries cherries everywhere...

Well I went to the library and exchanged my books, and paid my fine. I was flipping through Bills Food, by Bill Granger (came highly recommended from other blogs) and I gotta say there's not one recipe that really wowed me. It took less than 10 minutes- I was waiting for the cherries to process. The banana bread looked interesting, but I've got hundreds of banana bread recipes.I can't think why anyone would purchase this book. I give the same review to Chef on Fire by Joseph Carey.
Inside Every Woman by Vickie Milazzo came recommended to me by my step-daughter. She's currently starting a business and got insperation from this book, so I suggested that she buy Martha Stewart's - The Rules.
So far the only remotely interesting book is Alexander McCall Smith's Expresso Tales. Should take me half a day to polish it off.
My husband brought a box of cherries home from one of his trips on Tuesday and I've been eating them everyday all day long. I'm cherried out. Enough already. So I've pickled another 8 jars. This time I threw in some red pepper flakes into the brine. Hope they won't be to hot.
I've been plagueing my doctor with all my medical problems last week, so she sent me for many tests of every kind and even got back at me with a momogram and a pap test. Well on Friday morning the mamogram showed a lump. A large lump, so that afternoon I had an ultrasound. The technician was very tight lipped. When I went for my possible kidney stone the week before, the tech was very open and even showed me all my body parts, no stone, nothing wrong with bladder??? So now I have to wait until tuesday to find out about the lump. Could be cyst, or two in a mass. Since last test about 16 months ago I've lost 25 lbs so I'm hoping it's just the missing body fat that is the culprit. I'd rather have the kidney stone. Please give me the kidney stone instead.
I racked my white wine yesterday so now I've got to wait about a month to bottle it. I've got to start the blueberry shiraz next. I've got to start drinking more store bought wine-I'm going to need the bottles. That's the worst part of making wine, scrounging for bottles from everyone. I used up all my bottles for the 10 cases I made for my sons wedding. I didn't feel like dragging them all back here again, I'm kind of regretting that now.

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