Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Finished reading Espresso Tales - I gotta say I really enjoy reading Alexander McCall Smith. He's right up there with Rutherford and Grisham when it comes to readable male authors. Not like Shanks for Nothing (what a stupid male wet dream/ fantasy). Sometimes I just want to slap these guys for writing such shit. There's just no other way to describe this book. The only reason I didn't throw it across the room is because I was hoping for more of resource, two shot and cement head. The only redeeming characters in this sad excuse of the story. How does someone actually put their name on this book, and then go on to write more of the same. Ugh. I picked it up off the shelf because it had golf clubs on the cover.

Culinary Journey in Gascony wasn't exactly a wonderful read either. Her blog is so much better than her book.

I picked up some nice Savoy Cabbage at stupid store today so I think I"ll make some cabbage rolls. Haven't made them for awhile. I'm just sitting here waiting for the rice to cook. There has been some grumbling around here lately that there's never anything to eat. I always manage to eat, but everyone else expects lots of choices to nuke. So I'll make some stuffed rigatonni (we like to call them mini manicotti) and then some chicken chow mein. My mother sent me some your beets with tops that have to be steamed. We'll just have to see how much of this I actually get accomplished.

My doc's app't went really well regarding the LUMP. It's two cysts non cancerous and the blood test show that I'm menopausal. So it's what?-four to seven years of this crap. At least the hot flashes have stopped, for now. My colesteral level is slightly elevated. I don't see how that could be since Basically I've stopped eating-no appetite. It's probably the wine that I stopped drinking as well. So I bought a few bottles today-after all I need the empty bottles for my own wine.

This is the cabbage rolls before they went in the oven,before the sauce.

These are right out of the oven yum yum yum.

And there's the mini manni's, all lined up waiting for the sauce.

The cabbage left over from the cabbage rolls, (savoy makes in much neater and you don't have to boil the piss out of cabbage before rolling, just nuke leaves for about 3 min before rolling) chopped up nicely for the chow mein. I'll try making that later.

geez I'm surprised to could work out the pic's and transfering them over and everything wow.

But I have to get back to my book now, Talk Talk. It's turning out to be a "good read". I can't read it all in one sitting, giving myself breaks so as not to cause a migrane.

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