Sunday, April 06, 2008

Apple Brown Betty

A funny thing happened on my way to making an Apple Brown Betty. I was lurking around blogs today and was inspired to make a brown betty. I even went so far as to throw the hard brown sugar in the micro to soften it. I discovered that I only had one apple-all be it a huge apple, but only one. Then I remembered the frozen rubarb and the frozen blueberries. So I figured I'd make a fruit brown betty. So I got out the baking dish and buttered it up and started peeling the apple and even got out the other fruit out of the freezer. But then after slicing and coring the apple I got another inspiration. There was half an avocado from our BLT's from lunch sitting on the counter getting brown, and I only had a little hunk of cheese left, again from our sandwiches at lunch so I decided on this dish instead. I poured two glasses of wine and I'm heading upstairs to share. My husband thinks he's getting hamburgers, Oh well... this is probably better for both of us anyway.

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