Wednesday, January 01, 2014


...Nice blue sky
...It isn't snowing
...It's not minus double in -25 degrees
...The tree was down yesterday
...Xmas crapp in container in garage
...Empties in the recycling/deposit bin
...I don't think anyone in household has hangover
...Xmas toys are still in one piece
...Lego'crap still all together in original projects

So good
2014 coming in with a sigh of relief.....seems everyone had a crappy 2013.   I don't recall anything extreme in the negative for me...but maybe I'm just forgetting ...but I don't think so.  Nothing earth shattering to report for 2013.  Except maybe my age.  Still having trouble coming to terms with that.

Weirdest toy

But still intact...although she did loose her wings a few times..but snapped back together pretty quickly without breaking.  For a MADE IN CHINA crap toy....seems to be holding up.  But I reserve the right to return it if it's broken.  Refuse to accept crappy broken toys in the house just because quality control from factory is so lousy.  Anything broken always gets returned.   If your going to make the crap at least make it to last more than a week, or a month.  Why waste everyones time.  I know...I know  if things from china didn't fall apart so quickly then what would become of the disposable industry that is china.  Well....maybe ruling party might fall apart....shhhhh. Don't tell anyone.  They must maintain power at all costs after all.

It is entertaining even if it is a weird toy.

I either read, or heard...can't recall exactly which one it was - but apparently shipping costs per container heading this way from the far east is about $2000 a container.  Full.  And only $50 for the return voyage to the shipper.  That's how desperate they are to get the containers back to fill with more crap that will break so that it can be quickly replaced.  A visious cycle.

That sounds about right.  Back in the day.....
I worked in Container Traffic unloading on the west coast...trans shipping to the east..and all parts in between. Full of manufactured items and the containers going back were all vertually empty except for the occational container of raw product like logs precut for log homes, liquid molybdenum (probably spelled's been awhile that I had to type that on a manifest)in drums from mines in northern BC.  Not to much ever went the other way.  One would think that someone would have figured out a way to fill the containers up with raw oil from Alberta by now.  .....or maybe they have and no one really knows about it yet....hmmm

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