Sunday, January 12, 2014

Funny ha ha

I've been reading 

I've been at it a few days
cause I have discovered, one must read this book in small doses.
I've managed to also read

between chapters of sedaris and this 

although just to let you know LYNN.,...maybe a little bit more story behind the recipe, with the recipe, instead of the recipe, etc would be welcome.  I like to actually READ a cookbook, not just flip though it...ya know...otherwise its just a cookbook

and then there was the soup sisters

That's probably why I have stock making on my brain these days.  And my freezer bags of veg scraps and bones are getting full.  So it's almost time to start up the crock pot to give this whole mess a go.  I've never used scraps for a stock before, preferring to use fresh veg.  But i've made an attempt to only use scraps from organic produce.

But ultimately I always got back to david

How have I lived this long and never read a book by david sedaris?  I can't believe it, cause now I'm going to have to reserve the entire history of his writing.

I never laughed so hard ....well for awhile anyway - can't remember when I read something that I was scoping out who I was near to so that I could read passages of paragraphs to just to entertain those around me.

Unfortunately for my husband he was usually the one nearest me.  So between football, hockey and some stupid wildlife chanel on TV he got to be entertaiined by Sedaris also.  He particularly enjoyed the chapter on colonoscopies.

There was one chapter that grossed me out completely.  Unfortunatly for me I just threw dinner into the oven one evening and started reading the chapter on his visit to China.  And ALLLLLL that entailed.  Needless to say I couldn't eat dinner.  Had trouble picking through the salad.  Thanks alot david.  You should have put a warning before the chapter to not read if about to eat dinner.

The last time I enjoyed a read so much like in looking around to find someone to read passages from the book to.  Cause everyone should be entertained as I am.
There are times when the unfortunate husband (or sometimes anyone who just happens to walk by) has to actually read the passage themselves cause I'm laughing to hard to actually get the words out.

The last time I had my hands on a book this funny I remember I was in a car (the passanger) and I would suddenly start reading passages to the other unfortunate people in the husband and my teenagers.
Let's just say....they had no sense of humour.  I bought the book, my sister got mother wanted to know what was so funny so she read it.  And that's the last time I saw it.

Bill really must get to writing another book.  It's been far toooooo long.

Gay Men....
...what a riot

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