Sunday, June 17, 2012


So it's his day....big woa
So now the competition starts - which kid, from which set of offspring (3) is going to phone first.
I have three kids, he has 7.

So the middle of the last set (mine) phoned first. I'd like to think that ultimately "I won" cause I'm the better mom, therefore myyyyyyy kid called first. So there....

I've been reading Andrea Camilleri's Inspector Montalbano mysteries and have come to a conclusion that all men suck when it comes to fiction. 

It's been awhile that I even read fiction written by men, cause they always write about sex, stupid ass sex, ....what I like to refer to as "a wet dream" for me to have to suffer through.

What is it about them.  This series has been interesting as in the story line is good, the dialogue has been good, the constant googling of food refered to in the story has been annoyingly satisfying. But the "beautiful women that are constantly throwing themselves at this 50+ (judging by the amount of food he eats should be very overweight) boozing overweight, sicilian man".  Its never the run of the mill women, it's aways the beautiful women that appear to all have a hard on to screw this inspector.  Beautiful women in the series are all sluts( not to mention usually 20 to 30 yrs younger), of giant proportion - they all without fail spend their day screwing.  Poor Inspector Montalbano has to beat them off with a stick, the poor man.  I have learned that to enjoy the book, I have to skip this crap cause otherwise the book would be thrown across the room.  The only women in this book are either on the make to get laid, or old women 60+ that cook, that's it.
The author has made the women in the series behave as though they were men.  That women are the ones with bad behavior and only see men as sex objects. Talk about the pot calling the kettle - you know what, I just want to slap this idiot.  Judging from the picture of what he actually looks's no wonder that he portrays women in such a negative light.  He's a douce bag of giant proportion.

I've only got 2 books left to read of the series, and I need a break from the stupid women constantly throwing themselves at this creep.  I think I continue to read the series because of the character development of the other players other than the poor sex starved inspector and his tribe of oversexed blondes.

I wonder how blondes 25-35 feel around this oversexed Camilleri should they ever be in the unfortunate position of being oggled by him in public. Sic. Reminds me of a dirty old man. 

I was digging around in the freezer the other day and uncovered a bunch (3) pork tenderloin and pork ribs and pork shoulder and 3 pkgs of bacon, all I didn't know I even had.

So today pork tenderloin is for dinner.  The only thing I changed is I added a small bowl (prob about 1/3 cup of honey, and whole grain mustard) of honey mustard I had laying around from my eggroll dip last night.

The marinade smelled so good I was tempted to dap some behind my ear...

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